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SDMIMD Provides Top-Class Infrastructure to Enable Top-Class Management Education for its Students

The infrastructure of a management institute is a key marker when it comes to selection of the right MBA program. As the MBA institute will most likely become your second home in the future, you must ensure that it provides you with all the right health and education facilities to help you complete your management studies without any major hurdles. That’s also the reason why many experts advise students to visit the prospective institute/s before enrolling into any of them. After all, you will be spending 2 precious years of your life in the campus, so why not make sure that everything is in place.

Talking about SDMIMD (Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute of Management Development) and its infrastructure, the Institute has earned accolades from multiple quarters including students and industry experts for the kind of quality infrastructural facilities it offers to its students. For this, SDMIMD was also given the ‘Award for Best Institutional/Corporate Building Design Southern Region’ and recognised as a must-visit and one of the gorgeous college campuses in India.

The students at SMIMD can benefit from the following facilities at the SDMIMD campus:

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Up-to-date and Fully-equipped Computer Centre

The efficient managers of today are the ones who can make strategic use of technology for their businesses. The SDMIMD computer Centre offers a top-of-the-line technology set-up to the students, comprising of upgraded software, hardware and latest communication facilities. It’s a fully air-conditioned centre which can serve 90 patrons at a time. The computer centre offers its services both off and on the campus. Students are helped in procurement of high-end laptops, needed for all their coursework during the program.

To ensure that students are at par with the industry standards when they appear for placements, the institute is planning to take membership of the Global SAP University Alliance Program. When that happens, it will receive comprehensive access to SAP R/3 round-the-clock for both students and faculty, with the SAP functionalities well-integrated into the course material too. Other than that, the faculty and students will get access to research funding, research projects and plug-and-play material.

Well-stocked Library

Considered the ultimate information resource centre, the institute’s library serves as an important learning ground for research, learning and teaching activities at the institute. Everyone receives ‘Anytime Anywhere Access’ to this huge information repository.

The SDMIMD library comprises of electronic as well as printed resources including journals, books, DVDs, CDs, E journals, e-books, case studies, reports, databases, audio visuals, training manuals, conference proceedings and all kinds of course materials. At the time of writing this piece, it offered 70 print journals, 14,000+ books, 39,000+ e-journals, electronic corporate databases such as Capitaline, case study databases, business magazines, newspapers, abstracts, reports and 120 more multimedia resources. The SDMIMD library also has single-click access to each and every published material from the Harvard Business School. It also holds institutional membership at many other well-known libraries.

Well-designed and Lively classrooms

The classrooms at SDMIMD are places where you can witness friendly debates, interactions and brainstorming sessions happening on a continuous basis. These learning centres are also equipped with the latest and updated high-tech support equipment such as AV systems, OHP computers, LCD projectors, whiteboards etc.

A Breathtaking Amphitheatre

The structure and ambience of the SDMIMD amphitheatre is nothing short of breathtaking. It can accommodate 500 people at any given time and is normally the main venue for the cultural extravaganzas produced by the SDMIMD students and others. The amphitheatre also serves as a meeting place for students where they can sit in the evenings, relax and engage in lively discussions.

Multipurpose Auditorium

The SDMIMD auditorium is a large and acoustically-sound facility which can seat 300 people at a time and constantly witnesses recreational, cultural and educational events conducted by and for the students. You can see it constantly buzzing with presentations, seminars, discourses, films and theatre activities surrounding general education and management.

Spacious Conference Hall

SDMIMD’s conference hall hosts multiple special events for guests visiting the campus, for instance, the visiting faculty, press, corporate houses etc. It’s a fully air-conditioned facility which can accommodate 20 people at a time and is ideal for small group interactions and laptop presentations.

The gymnasium and yoga hall

SDMIMD firmly believes in the notion that healthy people create healthy organizations. In the present-day global business world where managers must use multiple skills and play multiple roles, they need to be in excellent spiritual, emotional, social, mental and physical health to execute their organizational roles with good efficiency.

SDMIMD as a part of the first year of their MBA program make it compulsory for students to undergo a Wellness Management course. For the 2nd year students, it is a 2 credit course. It runs throughout the year and the credits are factored in during the 6th semester. SDMIMD campus houses a fully-equipped and well-designed Wellness Centre where students engage in aerobics, yoga, badminton and table tennis, apart from working out in a high-tech gymnasium. There are volleyball and basketball courts in the outdoors.

Home-like Hostel

The hostel facility at SDMIMD serves as a home away from home for the students. It offers fully-furnished single rooms, a common dining area, recreational facilities and a study/lounge area, creating a kind of mini-world for the resident students. The hostel has dedicated staff which takes care of laundry, dry cleaning and housekeeping services. Students get non-stop broadband Internet access.

The hostel mess which caters to 300 people is also managed by students. They decide the menu for each week, comprising of a healthy mix of both South Indian and North Indian vegetarian cuisine. The food served at SDMIMD mess is such that the students never feel the pain of transitioning from home-made food to the mess food at all.

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