SNAP 2022 Exam Pattern Changes – Pros and Cons

SNAP Result Date: 10 th January 2023

SNAP 2022 Exam Pattern Changes

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The SNAP 2022 exam date is 10 December 2022 (Saturday). The registration window for SNAP 2022 is 04th August 2022 (Thursday) till November 24,2022 (Thursday). The announcement of SNAP 2022 exam came with a lot of surprises this year. Significant changes have been made in the exam pattern for SNAP 2022. Many have come has a shocker to the students as well. Let us take a closer look at the changes and the impact they will have on the preparation.

SNAP 2022 Exam Pattern Changes


1 Change : No GK Section

This has come as a big shock to many students. GK section in SNAP exam which focussed only on current affairs questions (of last two years) was synonymous with the SNAP exam pattern. This change was announced when the SNAP 2019 exam registration window opened on 16th August 2019



  1. Students have now one less section to prepare.
  2. Students can focus on only three main sections – English, Logical and Quant
  3. With such a major change, the overall difficulty of the SNAP 2019 exam may dip. Authorities will avoid giving too many setbacks to the students.
  1. Students who had already started preparing for GK section feel duped
  2. A significant amount of time has been lost while preparing for GK, since this section is not asked in any of the major exams like CAT 2019, NMAT 2019 and XAT 2020 (not counted in final percentile calculation)
  3. GK was a scoring area. With its removal the overall score may drop which will affect the cutoff

2 Change : Weightage of General English and LR Section Increased

The total number of questions in the General English and Analytical & Logical Reasoning section has increased. Until last year there were 35 questions in each of these sections. Now there will be 34 questions in the General English section and 36 questions in LR section.



  1. English is a scoring section. With every correct answer you can score 5 marks.
  2. The overall weightage of English section has increased from 40 marks to 51 marks
  3. LR is a tough section but with the number of questions increasing you can expect the difficulty to mellow down slightly.


  1. LR is a tough section in SNAP exam. With the weightage increasing from 40 to 54 marks, students need to be careful while attempting the questions.


3 Change : No TITA Questions in General English and LR Section

Unlike previous year when TITA (type in the answer) questions were introduced in each section, this year there are no special questions in the General English and Analytical & Logical Reasoning sections.



  1. The scope of making educated guesses is more in MCQ type questions. Every normal question has four options thus making it easier for students to deduce the answers


  1. With only MCQ type questions, the difficulty level of questions may increase.

4 Change : Only Quant Section will be a Mix of Normal & Special Questions

The Quant section in SNAP 2019 exam will have 30 MCQs and 5 non-MCQs i.e. TITA questions.



  1. With 85% normal questions in quant section, students can attempt them easily. Even if they skip the TITA questions, they can score well in the quant section.
  1. There is 25% negative marking. Students will lose more marks with the special questions which can impact their score.

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