Answer Key for Tense Questions

Tense Answer Key

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Answer Key


a. moves

b. saw

c. were playing

d. have been studying

e. will have arrived

f. am doing

g. favours

h. had written

i. will be meeting

j. will visit


a. looks

b. has written

c. are

d. are

e. says

f. are

g. say

h. writes

i. gets on

j. say


i. I have been living in Calcutta since 1930.

ii. She had died before her husband came.

iii.I wrote a letter to her last Monday.

iv. I have been reading Kalidasa for the last six days.

v. The new hotel opened last Saturday.

vi. He went to Madras last week.

vii. The train had left the station before I reached there.

viii. I wish my men came quickly and found us.

ix. At the moment the baby is sleeping in the cradle.

x. He has gone out for ten minutes.