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The Magazine was launched by the Director Prof. B.S Sahay who expressed his happiness over the initiatives being taken by the club for the benefit of Supply Chain Professionals. The highlight of the event was the launch of Tablet Friendly version of the Magazine which helps it to be viewed easily on smart phones and tablets. The magazine was launched in presence of internationally acclaimed expert Dr E. Peacock and Business India’s b-school ranking expert A T Raman who lauded the students of IIM Raipur for their efforts and hoped that the students shall continue to strive for excellence in the field of management. Mr Raman was specially delighted by the launch of tablet friendly version of magazine and went on to say that initiatives like this are necessary for the improvement of quality of b-schools in India.  

IIM Raipur is now creating its footprint in the operations domain of management by collaborating with the core industries of the state of Chhattisagrh. Being a hotbed for steel, power and cement industries it is an excellent opportunity for academic and industry partnership in this area. This need was recognized and our director Prof B S Sahay, a leading thinker in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management felt that there was a need for quality literature for the industries of the region. Students are already taking up challenging assignments that include working for the MSME’s of the state engaged in the production of steel . 
The magazine aims to highlight the leanings of past one year and also focus on what can be created. The tablet friendly format is to ensure a wider availability and the magazine was launched to keep in mind the availability of Akash, the world’s cheapest tablet.
Speaking on this occasion the Editor of Magazine and also Second year student, Rohit Bhagat, highlighted the salient features of the magazine. The magazine  contains article from both academia and the industry with Companies like Safexpress and Maruti contributing to articles in the magazine. Noted contributors include Mr Pawan Jain CMD, Safexpress, Dr Krishan Kumar, Director, Centre for Excellence, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Dr Ravi Shankar, the foremost academician on Supply Chain wrote the cover article for the magazine expounding the Guru Mantras for a Successful Supply Chain. The theme of the Inaugral Edition is Green Supply Chain . Green Supply Chain today is helping firms undertake desicions that are good for the planet and the company. Some of the companies studied for benefits include XEROX, IKEA etc. The implementation of Green Supply Chain measures like using Efficient Distributions model, creation of reverse supply chains for recycling and green packaging alone can help a firm save over 10% in costs. The upfront costs may still be high but with many customers willing to pay a premium for green products companies are now required to adapt to this reality. 
The students talked about the Supply Chain Dynamics of PDS system in Chhattisgarh, which was studied by students in internship last year and how it is becoming a role model for other states to emulate. 
The editor thanked his team for the successful release of the inaugural edition of the Magazine and for bringing a new medium of delivery of magazine which was designed and developed in house without any professional assistance. The magazine will now be available for students of all B-schools across India and also to Supply Chain Professionals in the industry. 
The Institute is contemplating to use platforms like Kindle for its future releases to make the publications widely available, Prof. Sahay hoped that this marks the beginning of wide spread use of Digital Platforms for dissemination of content, and promised that all future releases will leverage the power of technology. IIM Raipur is also considering  a roadmap of turning paperless, an initiative by the developed by the students themselves. The result is that the other clubs of IIM Raipur are now also bringing forth their tablet ready versions of their magazines.
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