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Anxiety keeps you on your toes

Post MBA exams you will be tested for WAT or Written Ability Test so it is advisable to read variety of topics. Today, you will read WAT topic:   “Anxiety keeps you on your toes” 

Many people fear anxiety because they feel that if they are stressed, it will deteriorate their health. However, it is not true that anxiety harms an individual’s health; it depends on the level of anxiety. 
Facing sufficient anxiety is normal and is important to keep you on your toes. However, too much anxiety or too little anxiety can harm your body. If you face too much anxiety in life, chances are that you will get stressed, which will lead to anxiety disorder and depression. Too much anxiety will prevent you from thinking clearly and it will have a negative impact on your mental and physical health.
On the other hand, too little or no anxiety in life will make you dull. Without challenges and excitement in life, there is really nothing to look forward to. This deteriorates the keenness of the mind.
When does a person become anxious? It is usually during examinations and interviews. During examinations, your capability and skills are tested. There is fear that you may not perform to the best of your abilities. This fear is translated into anxiety. It is because of this anxiety that you will prepare well for an examination.
You will be alert during lessons because you want to excel in your examinations. Similarly, when you are unsure of the outcome of an interview, you become anxious. You will burn the midnight oil and prepare yourself for the challenges in an interview room. If examinations and interviews were easy, you will not feel anxious and then, there will be nothing to work towards.
There are some people who have social anxiety problems. They are not outspoken and they fear that they may embarrass themselves in large social gatherings or at public places. When someone has social anxiety, he will focus on building his confidence level so that he does not embarrass himself in the public. Similarly, there are many dimensions of anxiety and anxiety is present in all walks of life.
So, if you feel anxious before a big event, an interview or an examination, remember that it is a part and parcel of life. Anxiety keeps you on your toes and ensures that you are better prepared to face the challenges in society. Without anxiety or with too much anxiety, life becomes unbearable.