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Be Mature. Be successful

Be Mature. Be successful

WAT Topic for MBA 2022

WAT is the Written Ability Test for MBA admission into top B-Schools and IIMs all around India.

  • Are you done writing your CAT (MAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT) exam?
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It’s time to convert those dreams into reality. If you have cleared the cutoff for your favorite college, you must start preparing for MBA WAT Essays and polishing your writing skills. The Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and all top B-Schools conduct a writing ability test (WAT) or Academic Writing Test (AWT) to check your – General Awareness and Language Skills

The popular IIM WAT Topics 2022 are mostly related to social issues, current affairs, and business and the economy. MBA Rendezvous has listed all the burning WAT Topics for MBA 2022 that can be asked in the WAT round and the Key WAT Tips or information to keep in mind while preparing and appearing for the round. Checkout the  Writing Ability Test Sample and popular writing ability test topics for 2022.

Written ability Test has  become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection process. 

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This article on " Be Mature. Be successful ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Written Ability Test:
To be able to understand things well enough, to be able to analyze situations, to be able to take right decisions at the right time and to be able to correct your decisions when you have made them wrong, it is very important that a person has a level of maturity in him. It is often believed that maturity comes on its own with age and experience. However, if you care to take a look around you will realize that there are many people who never mature with age, time or experience. What should these people do? Or, rather what should be done about these people? How can one inculcate maturity in themselves? And the most important of all questions is- why do people need to mature in the first place? 
When a person is young, the decisions to be made are quite simple and easy. However, as we advance in life and reach adulthood, we come to the realization that life so not so easy after all. Many a times in life, you will have to face situations that are completely beyond your grasp and likeness. Not only this, but many a times, you will also have to make decisions that will seem to be very tough yet you will have to take them and stand by them. 
Life is not only about comfort and easiness. Beyond a point it becomes more about handling well with the uncomfortable and uneasy situations and this is where maturity comes into play. Until and unless, you are mature enough, you will never be able to analyze things in the right perspective and deal with them in the right way. Until and unless, you are not mature enough, you will never be able to make the right decisions in life and stand by them too. 
Some people are gifted in a sense that they become mature on their own with time. However, not everyone is blessed. The good part is blessed we may be not but we can always become blessed with our efforts. If you believe, that your thought process and outlook lacks maturity, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself.  To start with, open yourself to new experiences. Our thoughts and decisions become mature only when they are honed and to be able to get honed, it is important that we provide them with enough chances. 
More often than not, some people keep themselves closed. They keep on doing things that they are comfortable. To be able to get mature, it is very important that a person should move out of his comfort zone and seek refuge in experiments. When you will experiment with new things, you will slowly discover your own standing, how well do you work in situations that are not to your liking and how tolerable and daring you are. Also, exposing yourself to new things will also expose yourself to your weaknesses. When you know your weaknesses, you can always work on them and make yourself a better person. 
Another thing that you can do to increase your maturity level is to start noticing the people around you and also open yourself to scrutiny from these people.  We can always learn from people around us. Notice the way other people make decisions. Learn from the mistakes that they do. Read them and their thoughts and see how their way of thinking has helped them succeed in life. Sometimes, it is very hard to judge our own selves. Often, out of ego, we are unable to see the wrong we are doing. When we allow others to criticize us, we allow them to judge us and see things in us that we ourselves fail to see. Based on the things they tell, one can always work on themselves. However, always remember to listen to people who your trust and whom you can believe completely for opinion from a random person can both be biased or wrong. 
If you wish to achieve success, it is important that you learn to become a good leader and to be able to become a good leader, it is important that you become a mature person first. Maturity will take you very far in life and the age that you are in, is the perfect age to develop the maturity. The surest measure of a man's or a woman's maturity is the harmony, style, joy, and dignity he creates for the people around himself, and the pleasure and inspiration he provides for them. Be mature. Be successful. 
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