Failure defeats losers but it inspires winners

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Winning and failing are two sides of the same coin. In life, both go hand in hand. How you perceive failure and what you do after failing reflects the kind of person you are and the kind of attitude you have. But what makes a winner? What differentiates a winner from others? To understand this, one needs to understand the mentality and attitude of people who can be called winners. 

History is replete with examples of people who have tasted massive success in their lives. But scratch the surface and look behind their success, you will see stories of failures and struggles, for instance, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Amitabh Bachchan, M.S. Dhoni and many others. A classic example is Steve Jobs, who was thrown out of the very company he founded. These are examples of successful people who did not fear failure or think of themselves as losers when they failed. They took failures in their stride and found ways to turn them into sources of inspiration. This is the defining difference between winners and the rest.  

You may have lost but that doesn’t make you a loser. You lose only when you look at yourself as a loser, as a failure. The one thing that failure destroys is your self-belief. It is very easy to envelope yourself with doubts and questions, especially after failing at something. It takes courage and audacity to believe in yourself when the going is tough. Only winners are able to learn the right lessons from their failures, rather than keep sulking at their failures. Only winners are able to pick themselves up and motivate themselves to keep going.

Winners can be seen as seekers. They are people who are always in pursuit of success or perfection. For them, failures are not stumbling blocks but stepping stones on their journey. They are quick learners who don’t make the same mistake repeatedly. Their positive outlook ensures that they always look at the brighter side of things and move forward towards success.  

To fail is to give up, to quit. As long as you are trying your best to bounce back from the failure and keep walking towards your goals, you are alive and on your way to become a winner. Those who give up without trying or fear failure, are people who don’t accomplish much in their lives. How you react to failures shows how strong or weak you are. A man who bounces back from failures and fights the odds against him, is a man of grit, determination, resolve and character, qualities which one usually associates with a winner.   

Failing is as important as winning. To know the real joy of winning, one has to fail in life. Success tastes sweeter when you achieve it after overcoming obstacles, defeats and disappointments. Because, it is then that you truly value whatever you have achieved. It is then that your true character comes out. 

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