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Respect your elders

This article on "Respect your elders ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Written Ability Test:

Many lessons are taught to us when we are young. These are those lessons that should stay with us for life. However, as we advance into young age, we often forget these very basic lessons. One such lesson that is always taught to young kids and which they often forget when they grow old is- respect your elders. When you were young, your parents, guardians and teachers must have repeated to you ever and anon that you must respect your elders. The lesson must have percolated into the unconscious minds of some of us and skipped that of others. This explains much of why some people from the young generation do not respect their elders. 
Always respect your elders. When we are in a social gathering there are many small things that we do consciously or unconsciously which speak a lot about us. While in a social setup when you disrespect someone elderly, apart from hurting the sentiments of the old person, you also establish yourself as an ill-behaved human being. One must always remember that it is our elders who made us the person that we are and thus, they deserve every ounce of respect from us. Disrespecting elder shows that you do value the contribution that they have made to your life. Also, you should respect your elders for the simple reason that they are much older to you and thus, they deserve all the respect in the world. 
Even if one has to go out of their way to show respect to their elders, they should not stop themselves from doing it. However, there are certain things normal and basic things that show how much you respect your elders and thus, you should always keep them in your mind. Here are a few of them: 
Never address an elderly person by their name: A lot of people have the habit of addressing people by their name. One should not do so in case of elderly people. Even if you wish to call them by their name, show respect by adding a polite “Mr.” or “Miss.” Or “Mrs.” An even better idea is to address them with Sir or Madam. This is a very straight nuance that you should keep in mind. 
Similarly, there are some other small polite things that you should always do show courtesy and respect to your elders. For instance, if you are sitting comfortably and an elderly person is standing anywhere near you, always stand up and offer your seat to them. Sometimes, we are so engrossed talking about our own lives with people of our age that we end up ignoring the older people. The truth is that older people have a lot of experience and have learned from it. Thus, their advice is valuable and one should always pay proper heed to it because this way, not only is you showing respect to your elders but also because you are getting to learn from them. 
Older people need help at times. With age, all of us grow old and weak and our bodies begin to dwindle physically. Thus, they often need assistance and as someone physically stronger, you should always extend a hand of help towards them. Always open the door of the car or the room when an elderly person walks in. Similarly, if they walk with a crutch, hold their hand while walking. 
Give time to your elders: Respect your elders and give time to them. When people get old, a lot of things start to change in their life. To start with, since they leave work, they are left with a lot of free time to spend. Unfortunately, since when people get old, their social life does not remain very active. This results in a lot of boredom. Make sure that you do not allow your elders to get bored by spending time with them and not leaving them entirely on their own. 
Respecting your elders is one of those qualities that speak oodles about the kind of person that you are. The way you respect your elders shows the way you have been bought up and the values that you carry with you. The way you treat the elder people also speaks about your kindness, honesty, humanitarian approach etc. Respecting your elders is one of those lessons that one should never forget.
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