Who will cry when you die?

Who will cry when you die?

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Who will cry when you die?

The above quote followed by book by well-known writer Robin Sharma cajoled the conscious of many who were compelled to think more with self-meditation.

Pessimists say that with the exception of your loved ones nobody will cry when you die.

Optimists turn the thought of death with positivity and claim that world will cry provided you have done some incredible job which would be either a boon or remain as great inspiration for the generations to come.

To vindicate this thought, we can be reminded of innumerable examples but to mention few are wright Brothers for their inventing Aircraft,  Graham Bell for Telephone , Alfred Nobel for Prizes, Bhagat Singh & Subash Chandra Bose for India’s Freedom struggle, Rabindernath Tagore for literature, Rafi & Kishore for songs, Bollywood stars Rajesh Khanna & Vinod  khanna for their acting, Ali the great Boxer, Michel Jackson for singing & dancing.

Death is a natural phenomenon & nobody survived without any exception but those who worked for future generations will remain as living legends even in death.

And  those who remain self-centred without meaningful work in life will continue to die daily even in existing life.

Let’s remain Blessed with positivity & contribute to our society to be remembered with our deeds.

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