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IMT Students

Why IMTians get the best ROI

Everyone is talking about the economy being in a bad state. It’s no longer possible to hush down the talks of an impending global recession. Taking a closer look at the economy, both domestic as well as global, it certainly doesn’t provide a rosy picture of the job market. And what better place to get a ground-check on the reality than a business school campus!

However, you get a completely different picture if you look at the preplacement offer (PPO) converts at IMT Ghaziabad. The institute’s placement record tells a completely different story, and these converts have significantly increased over the past few years. Furthermore, IMT students have been getting fairly good packages in the industry.

The number of PPOs received by the Institute for its 2017-19 batch was 86 and the highest PPO CTC stood at an impressive 36.8 lakhs per annum. So why do you think, IMTians have been getting such good ROI from their management programs?! Especially when the entire business world is crying recession!

One of the reasons is that IMT is regarded very highly by the corporate world when it comes to the quality of its graduates. The institute has been ranked at 5th position for ‘Corporate perception’ amongst a large number of business schools in India. The passing out IMT students are considered ready to take on any leadership responsibility, no matter what role they are given. This is the result of sustained and unrelenting efforts put in by the IMT faculty, which stay continuously focused on every single area that contributes towards making the students the best for the corporate world. The students, as a result, are offered the kind of packages they are getting.

Reputed, dedicated and efficient Faculty team

The institute has a solid 70 member full-time faculty team consisting of seasoned management leaders, reputed administrators, well-known policymakers and highly qualified academics. Every single individual in this team is committed to making sure that the IMT curriculum stays industry-relevant and cutting-edge at all the times. All the faculty members play an effective role in constantly grooming top managers and are continuously involved in imparting executive education to the students. On the whole, students are exposed to just the right mix of real-world issues and theory.

IMT Campus

Wholesome management education

In order to give an all-round and wholesome management education to all the students, and to make their program more comprehensive, the faculty team of IMT has put together a wide spectrum of 100+ electives, including multiple foreign languages.

IMT Students

Inculcation of ethics and values

The cutting-edge education at IMT doesn’t stay limited to books and management alone, the students get to learn the correct life values which can help them adapt to any situation in the future. They get to inculcate the right ethics, values and learn the importance of introspection to improve on a continuous basis. They understand how important it is to pay attention to the details. Gradually assuming the role of future managers, these students learn the value of time and respect it in every aspect of their lives.

through student exchange programs

IMT’s student exchange program is considered number one in the industry. They have 70 student exchange tie-ups, which provide the right exposure to every student, by getting them to work in multicultural environments and helping them improve their skills through different team-based learning methods

IMT Students

Hand-picked for corporate roles and profiles

Every single IMT Ghaziabad student is hand-picked for specific corporate role and profile. This is done by making the students go through multiple discussions and interviews, before they launch themselves into the business world. As a result, they are well-aligned with the expectations of their prospective companies and are handed adequate offers which are well-deserved by each one of them.

2017-19 Batch

PPOs Received

PPOs Received (in nos.) – 86

PPIs Received

PPIs Received (in nos.) – 30

Highest PPO Offer

Highest PPO Offer (CTC)- ₹ 36.8 lakh PA

PPO - Preplacement Offer   ,   PPI - Preplacement Interview
Year of Placement / Batch Avg. Salary Highest International Salary Highest Domestic Salary
2015 – 17 ₹ 11.26 lakh per annum ₹ 25.92 lakh per annum ₹ 25 lakh per annum
2016 – 18 ₹ 11.6 lakh per annum ₹ 36 lakh per annum ₹ 25 lakh per annum
2017 – 19 ₹ 12.5 lakh per annum ₹ 57.4 lakh per annum ₹ 27 lakh per annum
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