XAT Essay Topic -Globalization and Jingoism always coexist

Result Date : January 18, 2021

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Essay writing will be an important section for XAT 2019 exam and you will be getting 20 minutes only to write Essay in last section of XAT 2019. The Essay Topic for XAT 2018 Exam was "Globalization and Jingoism always coexist".

The sudden increase in the exchange of people, knowledge, trade and capital in the last two decades, has created an inter-connected web comprising countries across the globe. Interestingly, as countries embrace globalisation and open up to each other, the desire to aggressively protect their own national interests, captured by the term ‘jingoism’, also gains currency.

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The 21st century is a century of movement and fluidity. Globalisation, aided by technological innovation, has redefined the idea of borders and identities. As more people move transcend borders and interact with people from different nationalities, they gain a new perspective on the world. Globalisation includes an inter-linking of trades, culture, political and social views and benefits countries as they adopt the best practices from all over the world to improve their own country. Access to international markets, rise in tourism, forex reserves, financial support, security are just some of the advantages of embracing globalisation.

However, globalisation also stokes fears of losing out in the face of competition from other countries, which, in turn, fuels jingoistic feelings in the people. There is a sense of insecurity in such countries, which begins to reflect in their foreign policy marked by ‘protectionism’. In their attempt to safeguard their national interests and shield the country’s industries, people(especially the unemployed) and resources, they tend to adopt measures such as higher tariffs on imported goods, incentives to firms who employ natives, restricting influx of migrants and so on. A good example of this is the US, under Donald Trump, who is pandering to jingoistic feelings through measures such as cubs on H-1B visa, outsourcing jobs and migration, to name a few.

The more the countries open up, the more strong jingoism becomes. It’s up to the individual country to strike a balance between these two.

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