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Top 10 things to do in XL

XAT Exam Date 8th January 2023


10. Have a plate of Masala Cheese Pav at Bishuda’s with Chai while you’re engrossed in running errands and brainstorming ideas for an event. This, while you have no idea of how much time has passed, brings its own sense of bliss.

9. Attend classes in LC2 in the monsoons, while the clouds rumble outside and you can hear the rain patter against the building. Try to concentrate on the lectures while your mind wanders off to have a warm cuppa coffee. (You’ll get to experience this in the first couple months itself.)

8. Celebrate your friends’ birthdays at midnight outside the hostel by face painting them with cake, unfurling buckets of soap water (among other unimaginably disgusting things) and the traditional birthday bumps. While you’re at it, some of the faculty might just join in on the fun if they encounter you on their daily walk. ;)

7. Watch your best friend, your friend circle, your section, your batch, the entire college become your family, one person at a time. This is one of the best things about XL – the way it welcomes you with open arms and accepts you for who you are. Once you are here, you are an XLer above everything else, and nothing else matters.

6. Work on assignments, quizzes and presentations and watch evenings turn to nights turn to dawn as the sun comes up against the hills and the river and you fall in love with this place all over again.

5. Go on an adventure trip with your friends (as part of the curriculum!) to conquer your fears. Get a chance to visit villages, be a part of social initiatives and help bring the motto to life – ‘For the Greater Good’.

4. Get associated with one of the multiple committees on campus that align with your interests and experience work becoming something much more meaningful. Capture moments with PixL, learn the marketing nitty-gritties with Maxi, indulge in culture with Spic Macay and pursue your love (or fear) for speaking with Toastmasters among many, many other options.

3. Watch the magic of the biggest management and cultural fest unfold – witness the supremacy that Ensemble-Valhalla is! This one will mark you as an XLer for life.

2. Watch the XLRI Band – the celebrated ‘Bodhi Tree’ perform and relive the XL classics in music.

1. Be a part of the renowned three batch “XL culture” – see how the #XLMafia works.

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