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XAT 2023: XAT 2023 will be different

XAT Exam Date 8th January 2023

XAT 2023 will be different
XAT aspirants who are appearing in XAT 2023 in January 2023 may find that this exam will be different from other exams hence; you should understand the nature of exam and be ready to compete in XAT 2023: 
XAT usually comprises 3 Objective type Multiple Choice sections and an essay writing section.  
  1. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (Math) - (Objective Type Multiple Choice)
  2. Verbal Reasoning (English) - (Objective Type Multiple Choice)
  3. Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making - (Objective Type Multiple Choice)
  4. GK and an essay writing section
XAT 2023 will be pretty different from all the other MBA entrance exams. That doesn’t mean it is the toughest but undoubtedly the one that checks your academic skills as well as IQ and expression power. 

XAT Exam

It does not require you to be the master of any one field while ignoring others; rather it looks out for a jack of all trade who could be transformed into the master of business administration/management in near future.
In order to crack XAT 2023 you should first know how the exam is different from others. In XAT 2023, the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation questions are in one section. The second section is English Usage (EU) and RC. The third section is Analytical Reasoning (AR) and Decision Making
In the recent past, the XAT has had more questions to be solved in lesser time. While in other exams it may be possible to get a decent shot at all questions, in XAT it is more advisable to drop tough looking questions, and find the easier ones to solve.
Selection of easier questions is very important, which are very well inserted between the tougher questions, the reason for the perception of XAT being a tougher nut to crack. 
For example, one can easily find simpler questions based upon algebra and trigonometry, between two questions which might involve application of calculus. Though the questions based upon calculus and functions are themselves on decline as observed in the past.
Thus, XAT primarily tests three areas - your decision making abilities, working under pressure and deadlines, and the ability to capitalize on ones' strengths.
The statistics which states that only 1 of 250 candidates makes it into XLRI can rattle any candidates, but if the number of serious aspirants is taken into account, it would drastically fall. You should understand that this exam is designed to measure your ability of maintaining a level head under pressure.

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