HR Perspective by Ishita Acharya

XAT Exam Date 8th January 2023


Lavleen kaur kapoor

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When you talk about XLRI, you’re inherently also speaking about Human Resource Management, the name itself appreciates Labour Relations. Earlier known as PM-IR which has now evolved into PGDHRM, it is the oldest teaching program in the institute. As the website itself states, “Ranked as the best programme in India and the Asia-Pacific region, it aims to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for managing HR in a way that contributes to the development of individuals and organizations.”

I developed an interest in human resources while I was working in the IT industry, and it is probably the best decision I have taken in my life to pursue an MBA in HRM. Once I’d decided that HRM was what my focus was, the most obvious option was XLRI. Coming to XLRI has just reinforced my belief in my decision. Being an HR student here is most definitely something to cherish for a lifetime and it can all be contributed to the amazing faculty that we have on board, the #XLCulture and the perfectly balanced and thought out curriculum practised here. XLRI is one of the five AACSB accredited business schools in India, and the difference is predominant in the curriculum.

Coming to the elephant in the room I’ve been trying to avoid, I was one of the lucky few who had a number of friends coming to XLRI and a couple of them happened to join in the BM course. Although the banter between HR and BM students is one of the factors that drives the fun spirit at XL, you will always find a helping hand in BM for a Finance course and in HR for an Organizational Behaviour course. Even though we try to establish the fact that HRM is superior to BM (fact!), there is no fundamental difference in the way the students of each course function. We have the same positive influences of diversity, intellect and wits throughout the batch, be it HR or BM.

Having set the precedent on equality, there are no two opinions about which one is the more ‘fun’ aspect of XLRI. The HR students have the ability to turn everything into fun, so much so, even all our courses focus almost as much on the practical aspects as on the theoretical parts. The group and individual activities that we indulge in as HR students, are what make our fundamentals of the courses much more concrete. Contrary to popular belief (BM folklore), HR students work and study just as hard, if not more, than the BM students. Oh, and we do not ‘organize’ parties, we rule them!

This was an effort to explain the perspective of an XLRI HR student, the bottom line though, remains that XLRI is a fun place to learn and to grow. It will definitely be the best decision you make, so long as you choose what you like – be it BM or HRM.

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