If we look around the global business scenario today it is pretty clear that the corporate world is shrinking with each passing day. Economies in different parts of the world are integrating with each other, giving shape to a mega global economy. The worldwide corporates of today are in dire need of business managers who have a visionary leadership and cross-cultural capabilities. It is only then that they can successfully deal with and take care of fluctuating market conditions, joint ventures and strategic alliances. What the business world of today requires are leaders who have a global perspective on the technological, political, economic and cultural interfaces with the businesses. And this is what IMT Ghaziabad has been very successful in providing.

All the PGDM programs at IMT have thorough modules related to social responsibility. The idea is to groom students into successful leaders who are sensitive, flexible and adaptable to the cross-cultural aspects of the businesses. Having been consistently ranked high on the ‘corporate perception’ as well recognized regularly for its placement track record, IMT’s current standing in the eyes of the corporate world is primarily a result of its peoples’ ceaseless and unrelenting efforts. Everyone at IMT is focused on nurturing management graduates who are realistically ready to assume leadership responsibilities, if need be, can even hit the ground running.

Below is how IMT Ghaziabad positions itself as well as its students to make top-quality placements happen.

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With Focus on Faculty

Credit should always be given where it is due. The full-time faculty at IMT comprising of 70 highly qualified members is made up of seasoned administrators, management leaders, policymakers and academics. All of them work together to make sure that the institute’s curriculum stays industry relevant and cutting edge at all times. They work non-stop to groom top-rated managers and are constantly involved in education. You can see them using all kinds of innovative means to expose students to just the right mix of real world and theoretical knowledge.

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Through Wholesome Education

In order to make the management programs more comprehensive, the faculty at IMT have created a wide spectrum of 100+ electives, including multiple foreign languages, with the idea of providing wholesome education to the students.

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By Inculcating Life Values and Ethics in Students

Other than receiving cutting-edge education, IMT helps its students inculcate life values, introspection ability and ethics, qualities that are so essential in the present-day business world. Evolving in their own unique way, these students understand and appreciate the importance of attention to the details. Resultantly, when they take up managerial roles in the organizations, they come to appreciate the value of being on time even more.

Via Student Exchange Programs

IMT’s student exchange program is ranked best in the industry. The institute has more than 70 student exchange associations, enabling its students to gain best exposure in multicultural environments, where there is strong emphasis on the team-based learning methodologies.

By Hand-picking Every Student

Each and every student of IMT Ghaziabad is hand-picked by seasoned professionals. The students have to pass a series of discussions and interviews in order to make their way past the institute’s gate. Despite coming from different backgrounds as well as having varying work experiences in fields of telecom, IT, advertising, FMCG, banking, manufacturing and others, these students have one single purpose – to succeed as both individuals and professionals in their lives. The placement cell at IMT Ghaziabad functions as a bridge between them and the recruiters, matching the right skill sets and career objectives with the company requirements.

All in all, the institute does an excellent job at positioning itself and its students in just the right way, offering a lot of clarity and transparency to the recruiters, and helping them make the most of the talent pool that is in front of them.

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Placement - 2017-19 Batch

Total number of participating companies Total number of first-time recruiters Total number of preplacement offers (PPOs) Total number of international offers
179 61 87 12

Highest International CTC - ₹ 57.4 lakh per annum


Highest Domestic CTC - ₹ 27 lakh per annum


Average CTC - ₹ 12.5 lakh per annum