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Life @MDIM – MDI Murshidabad

Life at a b-school helps shape an individual personally and professionally. Time spent on the campus and hostel meeting new people from diverse academic backgrounds, helps you - Learn, Collaborate, and Evolve.

The interactive classroom sessions, guest lectures from top corporate leaders and tech experts, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, intra, and inter-college events and self-study, pretty much sum up an MBA student's life. Life at MDI Murshidabad is no different.

MDIM is a relatively young emerging b-school in the east (India). It is becoming a popular name among management aspirants. So, what is it like spending two wonderous years at the MDIM campus?

Here is a sneak peak at Life@MDIM and Day@MDIM.

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1.  Comfortable Housing –
Two years at a b-school not only means spending time in a classroom but leading a comfortable and hassle-free life. MDIM offers single occupancy rooms with attached balconies and separate bath and toilet facilities. Students get the privacy they want. The hostels are situated amidst natural beauty and serene environment.

2.   Academic Clubs –
Clubs and committees are an integral part of the b-school life. MDIM has 16 clubs and committees

Corporate Relations and Placement Committee – The committee helps connect with several corporate bodies and business leaders. They help organize 'Omilia', a series of the corporate interchange.

Syndekon - This is the PR Media Committee that builds, strengthens, and sustains the brand MDIM. It handles the social media and website content.

Annexes - This is the Alumni Relations Committee. It is responsible for maintaining a healthy and efficient relationship with alumni students.

E-Cell – It is the Center for Entrepreneurship and Start-ups. It sets a platform for budding entrepreneurs. They can work on their ideas and present them to various business leaders, venture capitalists, and potential investors.

Hostel and Mess Committee - This is a student-run body. They are responsible for the smooth functioning of the hostel and mess facilities.

Office of International Relations (OIR) – This committee builds and sustains MDIM's global relations. It engages students across the globe.

Aakritians – This is the Cultural Committee. It is responsible for organizing cultural events like Freshers Party, DJ Nights, The Annual Fest (CampXotica)

HRUdbhav – This is the HR Club. It aims to help students get acquainted with the basic concepts and the latest trends in the field of Human Resource. They are responsible for organizing role plays, HR Summit, management games, and guest lectures.

MarKrone – This is the Marketing Club. It aims to inform, entertain, and inspire marketing enthusiasts.

Prayas – This is the Social Responsibility Club. It helps students get involved in philanthropic acts and connecting with society.

Sportscomm – This is the Sports Committee. It aims to provide opportunities for learning a new sport or improve existing sporting skills.

Opcellence – This is the Operations Club. It is responsible for organizing brainstorming sessions, case discussions, simulation games, quizzes, guest lectures, and certificate courses like KPMG Lean Six Sigma.

Ecominds - The Economics Club helps organize quizzes, competitions, National Budget reviews, and occasional guest lectures.

Finartha - The Finance Club organizes fun events like Model Wallstreet, Investment Simulations, etc.

Cresignia – This is the Creative and Designing Committee. It gives a platform to the students to build their design and creative skills.

Adventure Club – This club is responsible for organizing excursions, trekking trips, mini-adventure events, and bonfire nights.

3.   Recreational Facilities –
After a busy day at college, ManDevian's get plenty of opportunities to rejuvenate themselves. There is a gym, pool, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis court, where they can relax and indulge in physical activities.


A typical day starts early morning, where students can freshen up, get ready, and head to their classes. Most of the day is spent in the academic block. There is a constant juggle between classes, meeting faculty, assignments, connecting and brainstorming ideas with peers, and organizing and attending club & committee activities.

Once you head back to the hostel, you can relax by indulging in some sports or watching television. However, learning does not stop. There are assignments and project work to catch up on. Students say it is a race against time that everyone wants to win.

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