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MDI Murshidabad Assures a Holistic Experience

Launched in 2014, MDI Murshidabad offers a two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). It aims to provide holistic management education and experience to its students. Their focus is to encourage and endorse local talent. Additionally, MDIM has been working towards nurturing ethical professionals.

As a prospective MBA student, one significant thing you look for during an MBA is the “experience.” MDI Murshidabad not only offers the amenities but a perfect ambience to its students. A learning journey that helps kindle academic, intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

Here is how MDIM attempts to provide an all-round experience for its students:

Blended Learning

Creative Stimulus

Healthy Environment

Mental Peace

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MDI Murshidabad understands the requirements for the current digital era. Classroom learning is topped with the wise usage of state-of-the-art technology. A fine blending of strengths of physical interactions with professors and the use of computers provides a comprehensive learning experience.

The classrooms at MDI Murshidabad campus are equipped with high-speed internet, audio-video conferencing facilities, and HD projectors. During the recent COVID-19 times, MDI Murshidabad has partnered with SOAS, the University of London, offering global learning opportunities to its students. Students at MDIM are getting a chance to complete niche online international certificate programs.

The copious opportunities within the campus and outside of it, help in a ManDevian’s academic development.


A significant aspect of holistic education experience is nurturing imagination and innovation in the students. ManDevian’s get to experience that in abundance. Different clubs and communities give the necessary creative stimulus to students.

During the recent lockdown, ManDevian’s are being propelled towards exploring their creative side. Syndekon is the PR media committee that is keeping up the spirits of the students high. Students are encouraged to share a piece of their art – articles, artwork, poems, painting etc. This is helping in keeping their spirits high.


A time when most young people are sitting on the likes of ‘lifestyle disease’ bomb, physical fitness is of utmost importance. Strict timelines and excess workload can play havoc on one’s routine. MDI Murshidabad’s campus has a well-equipped gymnasium and other sports facilities to cater to this aspect.

Students in their free time can keep themselves fit by indulging in swimming, playing badminton, table tennis, volleyball, snooker, etc. Being physically active not only keeps the body fit but the mind fresh too. It increases productivity and helps the students’ bond outside the regular academic perimeter.


Emotional comfort and development are an essential aspect of a student’s well-being. A safe environment, comfortable housing, and balanced meals are the three pillars of a peaceful self. MDIM campus nestles amidst captivating beauty.

The lush green campus houses comfortable residential facilities for the students. There are two hostels – Ekalavya and Bhagirathi – with state-of-the-art facilities. Students can choose single-occupancy or double-occupancy rooms. There are recreational rooms to indulge in sports and musical interests. The canteen and mess provide good quality meals which students can enjoy.

MDI Murshidabad leaves no stone unturned in providing holistic experience to its students.