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10 Reasons Why TAPMI Manipal?

T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI Manipal) is amongst the top 20 B-schools in India. It has the prestigious Double Crown International Accreditation – AACSB (2012, 2017) and AMBA (2018). It also has the A*** B-School Grading at National and State level given by CRISIL. TAPMI Manipal offers AICTE approved courses and has been accredited by NBA. The Post Graduate Programs are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) as equivalent to MBA Degree.

TAPMI Campus
In addition to the rankings and recognition, here are TEN significant reasons why you should choose and join TAPMI Manipal.

1. TAPMI Manipal’s Legacy

TAPMI Manipal has a legacy of 38 years with over 5000 alumni spread across the globe and a learned, diverse, and fantastic faculty. TAPMI Manipal also boasts of a 42-acre campus with a CISCO enabled state-of-art infrastructure.

2. The New and Unique Admission Process

TAPMI Admissions have revamped the process, and is behavioural in nature from 2019. There will be a Group Discussion and Critical Incident Interview which will focus on the behavioral aspect of candidates. Self-Management, empathy, achievement-oriented and teamwork are some of the qualities that the panelists at TAPMI will look for in the prospective candidates. The Faculty members have gone through a unique 3-D training process to understand how to conduct such GDs and interviews. TAPMI Manipal looks for the following 4Cs in its future students:

  • Character : A positive attitude
  • Communication : Exceptional communication skills
  • Craving : A passion for excelling in life
  • Curiosity : An urge to learn and question the traditional approach

3. Prominence to Quality Above Quantity

Under the leadership of Prof. Madhu Veeraraghavan, starting 2019 TAPMI Manipal has reduced the number of seats from 420 to 300 for the flagship PGDM course. This is a clear message to the MBA aspirants that the competition is going to be fierce and only high-quality, focused individuals will be selected for the courses. Having a smaller batch is going to guarantee personalized attention and participant-centered learning.

4. Cross-Functional Exposure in PGDM Program

With the growing demand of professionals who are well exposed and aware of management nitty-gritty across verticals (and horizontals) in an organization, TAPMI Manipal has re-structured the core PGDM program. It will now focus on fostering leadership by


Providing global exposure by organizing intense study tours outside of India.


Giving maximum flexibility in terms of extended internships (MIP) to students.


Developing negotiation skills.


Revamping communication teaching methodology.

This will ensure a cross-functional exposure to its students.

5. Unique PGDM-BKFS Program

The PGDM-BKFS program has a CFA C-BOK (Candidate Body of Knowledge) and FRM certified curriculum. In the first year, the students learn core financial and banking concepts with the academicians. In the second year, they get to practically apply those concepts under the guidance of renowned industry practitioners.

6. New PGDM-HR Program Launched

TAPMI Manipal has introduced a new PGDM in HR which is in collaboration with SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). It is a globally acknowledged body for HR professionals. The experts at SHRM have been involved in developing and designing the curriculum for PGDM-HR at TAPMI Manipal. The students not only get the exposure, but they also become eligible to write the SHRM Certified Professionals Global Certification after the first year.

7. New PGDM-Sales Program Launched

TAPMI Manipal has launched another new program PGDM-Sales which will focus purely on producing leaders and managers in the sales & marketing domain. Students will also be mentored by TAPMI alumni who currently hold senior sales positions in the industry.

8. Value Creation through Leadership, People, Financial Analysis, and Growth

TAPMI Manipal achieves value creation through-


Leadership – TAPMI Manipal has the Young Leaders Program (YLP) which gives a handful of carefully chosen and deserving students the opportunity to work with the top-notch CXOs and MDs from Corporate India. This is a ‘never given before’ chance of developing leadership skills in TAPMIans.


People – The PGDM-HR curriculum is designed in such a way it will focus on developing core ‘people management’ competencies by strengthening the individual, team, leadership, functional, HR, employee relations and industrial relations skills.


Financial Analysis – The learning of the students at TAPMI Manipal is promoted with the exposure to real-time capital market (Bombay Stock Exchange), banking industry (SBI), case studies and field visits.


Growth – With the help of its newly launched PGDM-Sales, TAPMI Manipal wants to ensure that it fulfills the ever-growing needs of technologically and data-driven professionals in the sales & marketing sector.

9. Emphasis on Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is what defines and differentiates TAPMIans from the rest. Students are encouraged to get involved in live projects and focus on real-time challenges at TAPMI Manipal. Some of the ways TAPMI Manipal encourages experiential learning are:

  • Access to 16 Bloomberg and 7 Reuters Terminals in TAPMI’s Finance Lab.
  • SMIC, a student-managed investment course.
  • Samnidhy, a student-managed investment course.
  • Perform real-time investment in BSE and NSE using real money (fully funded by TAPMI).
  • Hands-on training with SBI.
  • Unique, disguised market research event BrandScan.
  • Leadership Assessment and Development Center which prepares students to be transformational leaders.
10. Monitory Support to Deserving Students

TAPMI Manipal recognizes meritorious students and offers 50 scholarships that are worth 2.5 crore rupees.

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