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The Apt Corporate Exposure is
Producing Industry Ready Professionals @ KSOM

We all learn from experience, utilising our textbook knowledge in the real world and modifying it to succeed in business. KIIT School of Management (KSOM) makes this philosophy a core element of the business teachings, not limiting education to stay within the four walls of the classrooms, but taking it outside, straight into the corporate world.


Corporate exposure in conjunction with the curriculum of KSOM improves the overall education of its students. However, interactions with the corporates can happen through a number of ways. KSOM incorporates these various models that lead to enriching business interactions and diversifies learning, on campus and in the real world as well.


Work experience is the most common and direct way to be a part of the corporate structure and experience it first-hand. Achieved via internships, it can include summer placements, continued part-time work, or ongoing work specific to individual projects. One of the primary benefits of an internship is for students to understand their areas of interest. For instance, an individual who might be aiming towards a career in HR might find, after an internship, that they are motivated more by Finance. Since most placements take place during the summer break or at the end of the first year, students can change their focus quickly upon returning to campus. As a result, this leads to better job prospects upon graduation.

KSOM acknowledges the importance of internships and provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to hone their skills, both through strategic partnerships (with business leaders) as well as an active alumnus. Furthermore, the institute also has tie-ups with many companies to provide the necessary industry interactions to the students. These interactions enable students to fuse technology, management, human resources and marketing disciplines for enhancement of various developmental, functional and soft skills.

The importance given to internships isn’t without reason. KSOM, through its network, places aspiring corporate leaders among companies that have already set a benchmark in the business world. Furthermore, having the right kind of corporate exposure allows students to widen their professional circle, network while on the job, and make a positive impression in case they want to return to the same company when finished with their education. On the job experience is the ideal way for students to gain confidence in working for a company and discover their strengths and weaknesses early on.

ksom internship

In-Campus Initiatives

On the home front, KSOM continuously keeps the river of knowledge flowing throughout the campus by hosting conclaves that comprise of events and discussions with top company executives. Once again, KSOM focuses on different elements of the business. Organising events that feature either Human Resources, Marketing or Finance, the speeches, discussions, and workshops are an essential aspect of learning where students interact directly with the visiting guests.

Moreover, special seminar talks with professionals from different fields of business life is another attempt by KSOM to inspire students and learn from the practices of market leaders. There is undoubtedly a dire universal need for students to get experience in real-time business situations much before they attempt to get final placements. This early exposure to business benefits not just the students, but companies who are making way for future employees to understand their needs better. Companies also indulge in summer internships because they provide them with a first look at the talent pool of an institution.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius

Simulation-based Learning

Business schools all over the world have started recognising and tapping into the huge learning potential offered by computer-simulated real-life business scenarios. KSOM is one such institute that has always been on the forefront of new age learning methodologies and constantly looks at newer ways of imparting meaningful education to its students. This is all the more important considering the rapidly evolving business world of the present times.

KSOM faculty actively develops and incorporates simulations/games in elective courses which immensely helps students in developing cognitive, technical, and behavioral skills. Various student competitions are also held to create a sense of excitement around these learnings. For instance, the 9th National HR Conclave held by KSOM featured a pre-conclave student competition in which students had to play an online simulation game. They assumed the role of ‘The Head of Talent Acquisition’ of a huge software company, conducting manpower planning and subsequently hiring well qualified Java developers, on a limited budget. All this had to be done within pre-specified timelines and without losing any revenue.

All such computer simulations prove to be highly effective and cost-effective solutions that make the entire learning process experiential and vibrant. Not just HR, various other facets of businesses like strategy, finance and marketing are also simulated to give students the actual real-life experience, sharpening their analytical skills.

ksom based learning
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