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IIM Raipur witnessed its first corporate interaction for the academic year 2013-14 with Mr. Anil Agarwal, Founder & Executive Chairman, Vedanta Resources Pvt. Ltd. Company. 

He was accompanied by Mr. Ramesh Nair, CEO, BALCO and Mr. A. Thirunavukarasu, Head of HR, Vedanta Pvt. Ltd. Company. Dr. B.S.Sahay, Director, IIM Raipur extended a warm welcome to the guests. 
He said that it was a great opportunity for the students to learn from Mr. Agarwal’s experiences. He encouraged the students to think from a different perspective and work towards the greater good.
Mr. Anil Agarwal shared his entrepreneurial experiences and mantra of success with the students of IIM Raipur. He gave a humble account of his career’s trajectory and how they rose from a small scrap cable business to owning a 14 billion dollar company Vedanta is India’s first private company to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. 
He encouraged the students to develop entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to “think” and “explore” widely.  He believes that the health of a country’s GDP lies in the optimum utilisation of its natural resources but at the same time the company aims at minimising the damage to the environment from their projects. 
He emphasised on contributing positively towards social and economic welfare of the society and conservation of the environment. This belief helped him to become the owner of Zamibia’s Copper Company with largest turnover.
‘Health, Education and Livelihood’ being one of the main agendas has helped Vedanta reach approximately three million people across 550 villages. His message to the future entrepreneurs was directed towards right motivation, hard work and choice of correct path. 
He signed off with best wishes for the future managers and stressed that ‘Everybody has a right to build their own destiny’.
Dr. B.S. Sahay presented a memento to Mr. Anil Agarwal as a token of thanks on behalf of IIM Raipur fraternity. Dr. Ajit Prasad, Dean, IIM Raipur, presented mementos to Mr. Ramesh Nair and Mr. A. Tirunavukarasu
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