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 13 IIMs, 4 IITs, 165 MBA Institutes, FMS, MICA and many more are accepting CAT 2011 scores … 

It has been reported in media that this year for CAT-2011 registrations have improved as compared to last year. 

Registrations at CAT-2010 were 2, 02,000 and now in CAT-2011 registrations are 2, 05,000 

This year 165 MBA institutes have opted for CAT scores besides all IIMs, 4 IITs and prestigious institutes like FMS and MICA etc. 

For inquires about non IIM member institutions registered for use of CAT 2011 scores, visit: http://www.catiim.in/non_iim_institute.html 

For further inquires visit: http://www.catiim.in/ 

For CAT 2011 test site visit: http://www.catiim.in/test_centres.html