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XAT 2013 aspirants who are taking forthcoming exam on January 6,2013 will be tested on VA and LR. Following is one sample question: 

Sociologists claim that the importance of parental connection in the early years has been hyped. Until now the popular notion was that if children do not spend the first three years of their lives in close contact with their parents their development suffers considerably.  But experts now contend that children are resilient and continue to develop throughout their lives.
Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the sociologists’ argument?
A. Eighty-five percent of children who live in orphanages since birth grow up to be well-adjusted, outgoing adults later in life.
B. Researchers, who have examined the life histories of children who have grown up to be well-balanced
Adults despite many challenges in their lives, consistently find that the majority have had a stable, supportive relationship with at least one parent throughout their lives.
C. Some child prodigies were cared for by people other than their parents when they were babies.
D. Children are known to forget bad experiences as their cognitive abilities are not completely developed when they are young.
E. Children need to develop close connections during the first few years of their lives in order to grow up to be well-balanced individuals.
Statement (A) provides evidence that goes against the popular claim that children need to be in close contact with their parents during the first three years of their lives. Statement (E) is a general statement that does not specify that children need to develop close connections with their parents; just that they need to develop close connections.
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