2nd September MAT 2012 Alert: An opportunity for MBA aspirants

An opportunity for MBA aspirants

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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It is amazing to understand that MBA aspirants take September MAT 2012 as testing ground for themselves to know where they stand and how far they will compete in forthcoming MBA examinations. Nevertheless score of September MAT 2012 will be applicable and valid for one year. 

No exam can be compared, all exams are having quality questions, be it MAT or CAT, XAT or CMAT. Examination conducting authorities prepare questions to get best talent.
Perhaps it is perception and number of aspirants decides the toughness of exams. The more the number for any exam it will be tougher than other.
However MBA aspirants must go ahead to take MAT  as seriously as they can because it is an opportunity which must be availed and scores can be banked.
Schedule of MAT September, 2012 is that Paper Based Test is being conducted on  02 September 2012 (Sunday) from  10.00am-12.30pm and Computer Based Test will be conducted from  08 September 2012 (Saturday) 
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