CAT 2012 Alert : Scale and Analyze your MOCK TESTS through SWOT

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CAT Alert : Scale and Analyze your MOCK TEST.

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Moot point is how to analyze one’s performance in a mock test for the preparation of CAT 2012? As we know practice leads to perfection, taking mock tests will help you practice and perform well. The mock tests are meant to be taken to understand your weakness and rectify your errors.  

Each time do SWOT for each section while you take practice tests, you come to know that which are the areas which you have committed the mistake and the reason behind that. The more you know about your weak areas the more you will work on those areas. You need to identify if the error you’re making is once or consistent.
Thus, mock tests on all sections (VA / LR / DI / QA) of CAT 2012 are no doubt very important and should be analyzed to understand one’s mistakes and to check whether weaknesses are being ironed out.
“MOCK” tests or practice tests that are taken in a “simulated” environment. Practice tests/mock tests tell you your level of preparation. That is why; if they point out to a certain weak link it should be taken care of immediately.
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