CAT 2012 Aspirants For you: Strategize and attempt DI section in CAT

Calender Icon CAT Exam Date: 28th Nov 2021

CAT Aspirants For you: Strategize and attempt DI section in CAT

Strategy for dealing with DI while attempting CAT should be very straight as well as flexible. Do not start solving any set immediately, but read all the sets first and then make a call on which set is more structured and has lesser variables in terms of conditions that can be put in a structured table or a format easily.

Make a good choice across the sections and, having decided that, give all the time to that set only. There are going to be hurdles but that does not mean you leave the set and move on to another set, as you have already taken a decision and invested a lot of precious time in that set. 
Hence you should make a sensible choice in picking up the right set and doing the right thing before investing any time in a particular set or just jumping from one set to another in DI
Moving from set to set will exhaust you and kill your time. But then even if you spend eight minutes in working out the entire set and the set is very clear, you can solve it immediately.
Don’t be in a hurry that every two minutes you have to mark a question. Spend time on selection of the right set. Go for Mock Tests as number of times as you can.
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