CAT 2012 Exam Alert : Stick to your preparatory strategies

Calender Icon CAT Notification: August 2023

 CAT Exam Alert : Stick to your preparatory strategies

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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CAT aspirants are now having hardly 35 days to your disposal. It is very obvious that the aspirants must be feeling anxious about their preparation and revision; however, this is the time when you actually need to check your anxiety and stick to your strategies. 

Now that CAT 2012 is almost at your doorstep, you should not gamble with your test-taking strategy at this late stage. Until now you must be sure whether the strategy you are using is giving you rewards or not. If it’s rewarding, don't change it else, stick to the basics and keep on attempting mock tests and take guidance from your mentors for the right approach for you. 
For example, you would know if your best bet is to scan a passage and then move onto to the questions, while another person could be more at ease scanning questions before going onto the passage. So, just stick to whatever works best for you.
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