CMAT 2013 ( First Test ) Exam Alert : Sample of 7 General Awareness Questions

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

 CMAT ( First Test )  Exam Alert :  Sample of   7 General  Awareness  Questions

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MBA Aspirants note that you will be given 25 questions in last section of General Awareness.   Following are sample questions: 

•Find out, from among the following, the first Vice-President of India to get second consecutive
(a) Zakir Hussain (b) Fakharuddin Ali Ahmed (c) G.S. Pathak (d) S. Radhakrishnan
•Well-known litterateur and 2011 Kendra Sahitya Akademi award winner, Samala Sadasiva recently passed away at the age of 85. He writes in which of the following languages?
(a) Assamese (b) Telugu (c) Malayalam (d) Tamil
•Who among the following cabinet ministers was recently conferred with the Gujar Mal Modi Awardfor Innovation?
(a) P. Chidambaram (b) Sharad Pawar(c) Ambika Soni (d) Renuka Chowdhury
•Being a global tourist destination during last over two decades, which of the following state recently bagged the Best State for Adventure Tourism Destination Award?
(a) Kerala (b) Sikkim (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Uttarakhand
• Name the state, which started Platinum Jubilee celebration of its Legislative Assembly from 13th of August, 2012?
(a) Bihar (b) West Bengal (c) Maharashtra (d) Tamilnadu
•According to a report of the Drug Controller-General of India, during January 2008- January 2012, which of the following states has recorded the maximum number of deaths due to drug trials?
(a) West Bengal (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Kerala (d) Maharashtra
•Miss World 2012, Yu Wenxia belongs to which of the following countries?
(a) Mongolia (b) China (c) Vietnam (d) South Korea
CMAT is being conducted from 27th September 2012 and ending on 1st October 2012 in 61 cities.
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