CMAT (second test) exam alert : It will be crucial for you

CMAT Exam Date: 4th May 2023

CMAT (second test)  exam alert  :  It will be crucial for you

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MBA aspirants who are taking CMAT second test on forthcoming 21st February 2013 and ending on 25th February 2013 with a 5 day test window should be aware of the fact that with this test you have got the second chance to improve your score.

All B schools will also accept this score hence, if you have scored high; you might get options to choose B school of your choice.
Don’t take CMAT lightly as this is the last opportunity for MBA admission for current admission cycle for year 2013 -15.
Last Exam Review Points
•Total Number of Questions – 100
•Total Time – 180 minutes (3 hrs)
•The Marking Scheme  – Four marks for each correct
•Answer. (–) 1 marks for each incorrect answer.
•Total Marks – 400
•Number of Options – 4 per question
•Sections/Sectional Time Limit – 4 sections, no limits
Take CMAT Mock Test number of times as that will give you confidence to achieve success at CMAT.
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