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Group Discussion for MBA Admissions 2012

Group Discussion for MBA Admissions
Most of the national and state level MBA entrance exams have been conducted and their results have also been announced. The time is approaching MBA aspirants to crack the second stage of MBA admissions i.e. Group Discussions.
We are sure that all MBA aspirants like you are preparing very hard to get through this stage successfully. You may have appeared in some Group Discussion or may be waiting for your GD date in some B schools.  
We at MBARendezvous.com – India’s content lead MBA website will also join you for the race of Group Discussion  by publishing articles on Preparation of Group Discussion and instant Group Discussion topics.
Apart from practicing on Group Discussion topics, keep on asking yourself questions like why, how and what about Group Discussion will surely motivate you when you yourself find the answer. This article will suggest you to ask yourself below questions which will give you more clarity on purpose of Group Discussion and how well you can win this battle.
Q - What will B schools assess in me during Group Discussion?
A - Group Discussion enables the panelists of Group Discussion to assess your leadership ability, intellectual level, communication ability, socialization skill and ability to motivate and influence others. 
The most important aspect of Group Discussion is its practical approach for analyzing your inner orientations. The enhanced leadership ability of the candidate has to be in context of abilities and responses of other individuals of the group. 
Q - What are the key personality traits they will look into me? 
A- B schools will test your personality in the context of a manager. Before your MBA, B schools want to judge that do you have some basic managerial qualities to face challenges and to grow as a budding manager.  And those personality traits are:
1)Ability to work in a team
2)Communication Skills
3)Reasoning ability
4)Leadership skills
7)Flexibility & Creativity
8)Ability to think on ones feet
Q - First impression is the last impression. Whatever the topic will be, I have to speak first. But is it really essential to be the first in Group Discussion?
A- Who said so, you may build upon in a Group Discussion at any point, but yes! Make sure that your interpersonal, leadership, communication and grasping of the subject are well projected to the observer and the group should accept you as a natural leader. 
There may be a case when you don’t have any content to put on a particular topic, then you should listen to others and then based on your understanding you may interject 1-2 times and conclude it. There are chances to win the battle even if you are unaware about the topic. 
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