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MBA aspirants are tested for their language skills in all MBA entrance tests hence, it is important to enhance them. One of the skills to be honed is : Don't write bombastic language
Many people have the misconception that by writing bombastic sentences and by using sophisticated words, the level of English language and their writing skills will be automatically enhanced. 
This is not true. Bombastic words confuse the reader and make him disinterested in your story. The key to writing effectively is by using words that convey your ideas accurately. There is a huge difference between simple writing and immature writing. 
If you use bombastic words which do not flow properly in a sentence or if they convey the wrong idea, your writing will be considered immature. 
Many people use complex sayings and proverbs to make their stories and writing stand out, but the over usage of such terms reduces the impact of your content significantly.
If you use words that people have never heard of, readers would be compelled to refer to the dictionary now and then, and this can kill the interest of the reader.
Creativity is not about using as many words as possible, but it is about adding flavor to the content. Flavor can be added even with the usage of ordinary words. 
You have to showcase interesting ideas and unique thoughts in your content to keep your readers’ eyes glued to your article. Many people focus too much on vocabulary and they start replacing every simple word with a complicated one. 
While doing so, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure take a back seat, and this brings the quality of the content down. 
There is nothing wrong with keeping the content simple. The important thing is to weave a coherent story and make it interesting for the reader. 
Also, the reader should be able to understand the gist of your writing without referring to the dictionary. This is the art of writing effectively and reaching out to your readers.
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