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Back in the 90s the one course every student wanted to enroll in was software engineering. Today, breaking the subject barrier one course that comes up on top is the MBA. This is one post graduate course that can be pursued by engineers, doctors, economists and graduates.
And since the internet growth is significant, Distance MBA courses have helped students and working professionals pursue their dreams without dedicating their time to visit the universities.
With almost everyone eyeing the Masters in Business Administration, one often wonders why the course is such a hot seller in the education market. As the name suggests it is about gaining mastery on business administration. And if we were to believe that India is being pitied as the next big super power alongside China, it means that both these countries’ economies are growing at a phenomenal pace.
In keeping with this economic growth, there is demand for professionals who can manage businesses better. In fact each sector and/or industry is constantly looking for professionals - who can take quick, calculated decisions and take charge- at various levels of the organisations. And that’s why, today, more than ever there is a bee-line of employers waiting to grab the best minds passing out of management campuses.
Makes sense then to add a business degree to your existing qualification. While MBA is being fervently pursued by fresh grads and working professionals alike, working professionals have an edge as their years at an organization give them a better understanding of the workings of establishments.
Studies suggest that today, more people are bound to have more than one career. Unlike our parents, who joined and retired from one career, growing over years and mastering their work, we will hop, skip several times. All the while picking and dropping work profiles that excite us or we feel passionate about. And more than ever, today, professionals have a choice to jump from one domain to another. 
Even if you want to excel in your chosen field an MBA adds value, bringing in a holistic problem solving approach towards your work.
Some may argue that the hype is unnecessary, that there have been drop outs heading organisations globally as well as here in India. In fact, a couple of names of successful CEO’s that come to mind are – Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft; Mark Zukerberg, co-founder Facebook; Steve Jobs, was CEO Apple Inc; Sir Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group; Evan Willians co-founder and former CEOTwitter and Jan Koum, co-founder and CEO WhatsApp. Closer home, there arefather-son duo of Dhirubhai and MukeshAmbani(Reliance Industries Limited), Sunil Mittal of Bharati Enterprises and AM Naik, Group Executive Chairman, L&T. 
However, it’s good to know that most of the Indian CEO’s have a strong educational background. Back in 2012, Business Today did a story titled, ‘The best performing CEO’s in India’ where they took into account CEO’s from 1995 to 2011. There were MBA-holding CEO’s who featured alongside non-MBA CEO’s. In that same list the No. 1 CEO ranking was bagged by Naveen Jindal of Jindal Steel and Power who holds an MBA from University of Texas. And why it is important is because Naveen Jindal turned around an ailing family business into a prosperous one. 
In fact, apart from Naveen Jindal other CEO’s who had an MBA degree were BhaskarBhat CEO of Titan Industries and Sunil Duggal CEO of Dabur India.
The article stated that: “Our statistical analysis revealed that CEOs who started their job when they were younger and had an MBA degree were more likely to attain a better ranking.”
In fact, the article says that the result indicated that an MBA degree does seem to provide valuable skills to run companies. 
Today, enrolling in a full-time on-campus programme may seem like the best way to get an MBA. However, most professionals often put it off for later. But, they needn’t. Look around, technology is all encompassing, it is also making in-roads into the education arena.
Universities have been offering Distance education courses to accommodate the needs of working professionals as well as those who don’t want to take up the on-campus programme. Now, Universities are stepping up their game by taking select courses online, thereby, expanding their reach. Online distance education courses eliminate the need to physically gather for contact classes. Ensuring there is no dilution of quality. Universities offeraudio and video lecturesthat is available on their websites. This isin addition to mailing text books to students. One such initiative is the www.onlinepondiuni.edu.in. The distanceMBA courses from the University allowstudents the flexibility to study at their own pace as the course material can be accessed online at any given time. 
The Universities also has a mobile app that can be downloaded, therefore, in essence the students can actually carry their course material on the go. 
Onlinedistance education is perfect as it allows individuals to pursue other interests without compromising on their higher education aspirations.
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