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Forget MBA if you don't wish to unlearn and learn
Before you embark on the MBA journey, you should unlearn old patterns and concepts that stand in the way of authentic leadership. 
Many people have the misconception that unlearning refers to forgetting and letting go of knowledge and perceptions that one has learnt over the years. 
This is not true. Unlearning refers to stepping outside of the perception zone and viewing the world through a whole new lens. 
Before business students learn new business concepts and theories, they need to shift their assumptions. Also, students should be ready to adapt existing theories and modify them to ensure that they are relevant to the business environment today. 
The business world is dynamic in nature and things change on a regular basis. So, old concepts may not be apt for the current business scenario. It is said that creativity and innovation surface during the process of unlearning. 
The MBA journey is a gateway to a great business career; so, you should be ready to unlearn theories that have proven to be ineffective. It may sound harsh but if you are not willing to unlearn old theories and learn new ones, it is best to forget the MBA education. 
There is no point in embarking on the MBA journey if you intend to stick to old concepts that are sure to bring doom and failure to your career.
Through MBA, a new generation of innovative business leaders are formed, who not only have the technical expertise for success in the business environment but are also equipped with interpersonal and communication skills to reach out to subordinates, higher management and clients.
 The process of unlearning existing concepts and theories that may be irrelevant for today’s business world and learning new concepts that are apt for the current business scenario are important for success and part of the MBA curriculum.
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