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MBA aspirants are tested for their language skills in all MBA entrance tests hence, it is important to enhance them.  Today you will read,How to be good in spellings?
Spelling is an important component of the English language, and particularly so while preparing for MBA entrance exams.
There is no substitute for reading; by reading renowned newspapers and magazines such as ‘The Times of India’, ‘The Economist’, and ‘Business Today’, you will be exposed to different and new words. 
This way, you will not only learn how to spell these words but you will also understand their meanings. Whenever you come across a new word, include this word and its meaning in a notebook. Keep adding new words into this notebook and test yourself once a week on their spellings. 
Certain words which have the letters ‘e’ and ‘i’ next to each other may be tricky for some people. So, come up with a list of words such as ‘receive’ and ‘deceive’ and remember that ‘e’ always comes before ‘i’. 
Some words have silent letters in them and these words include ‘heir’, hour’, ‘honest’ and ‘ghost’. Since spelling rules are abstract and words may not be spelt the same way they are pronounced, keep in mind such anomalies. 
You can also use mnemonics to remember the spelling of words. Come up with a rhyme, which forms a pattern or presents an image in your mind and you will be able to spell words correctly. 
Some of the mnemonics include ‘a piece of pie’, ‘you hear with your ear’ and ‘pull apart to separate’. In the first example, ‘piece’ is made up of the word ‘pie’. 
If you know the spelling of ‘pie’, you will be able to spell ‘piece’. Sometimes, people get confused if ‘i’ comes before ‘e’ or vice versa. 
So, by coming up with mnemonics, you will be once step closer to spelling words more accurately. 
Last but not least, attempt practice questions and test your spelling once a week. Identify words which you spell incorrectly and come up with techniques, as mentioned above, to remember the spellings.
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