MBA Admission 2013-14: Language Skills-How to use correct pronunciation?

How to use correct pronunciation?

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MBA aspirants are tested for their language skills in all MBA entrance tests hence, it is important to enhance them.  Today you will read, How to use correct pronunciation?
You can improve your pronunciation by listening to speeches and conversations of native speakers. You can start by watching news, including BBC and CNN. 
Some words like ‘jewelry’ or ‘Wednesday’ are often pronounced incorrectly because they are not pronounced the same way as they are spelt. Some syllables in these words are silent.
 So, by listening attentively to how native English speakers pronounce different words, you can enhance your speech and pronunciation.
“Practice makes perfect.’ So, you should aim to speak in English as much as possible. Try reading a news article aloud and record your voice, if possible.
Listen to how you pronounced certain words and check how native English speakers pronounce these words. This is how you can make corrections to your own speech.
Maintain a notebook and list down all the words that are spelt and pronounced differently. Include words such as ‘debt’, doubt’, and ‘subtle’, that have silent letters. Many a times, people pronounce every letter that appears in a word, which is incorrect. 
You cannot improve your pronunciation without speaking or listening to good speakers. So, make it a point to listen to news on the radio or television and understand how words are enunciated.
Also, some words in the English language are derived from French, and these include ‘rendezvous’ and ‘corps’. So, in these cases, the pronunciation will be slightly different from the spelling.
So, take note of such words and anomalies and practice saying them a few times every week. This way, you will be familiar with the pronunciation and their meanings will be ingrained in your mind. And you will be able to use them in your day to day conversations with ease. 
Honing of communication skills takes time, effort and practice. So, try speaking as much as possible, and never be afraid to make mistakes, but make it a point to learn from your mistakes.
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