MBA Admission 2013-14:MBA will transform you into a professional

MBA will transform you into a professional

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MBA will transform you into a professional
An MBA program is a gateway to a career in management. So, the curriculum of the MBA program focuses on the development of leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and analytical skills. Once you graduate with a management degree, you will be offered a managerial position.
As a manager, you will be required to guide your subordinates. In order to gain the trust of your subordinates, you should have good interpersonal skills and relevant leadership skills, which are developed during your MBA course. 
Also, as a business leader, you will be required to make important decisions for the benefit of the organization. In the MBA program, you will be taught to make rational decisions after considering and analyzing the costs and benefits of a decision.
As a manager and a business leader, you will be required to read business proposals and grasp the key points of the proposal. To excel at the aforementioned task, you need to possess strong analytical skills and good comprehension skills. 
You will get to hone these skills not only during the MBA course but also during the MBA preparation stage, where you will get to practice comprehension and analysis of passages.
In the MBA program, you will be taught presentation skills, and you will be required to present your findings and proposals in front of your peers. This is a practice before you step into the corporate world and present in front of the senior management and clients. 
Apart from disseminating business concepts, the MBA program instills good interpersonal skills and business etiquette in an individual. Business students will be taught how to dress in formal settings and communicate in an effective manner with clients, subordinates and the upper management.
The MBA program empowers you with the relevant knowledge, skills, and etiquette for success in the corporate world, and ultimately, it transforms you into a professional.
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