MBA Admission :6 mantras to crack AIMA 6th MAY MAT 2012

MBA Admission :6 mantras to crack AIMA

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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6th MAY 2012, MAT is being conducted by AIMA and few days are left now so it is strictly advisable to follow a step-by-step process:

1.Clear you basic Math’s Concepts.
The best way shall be to start practicing from the text books of Class 10 or from the study material provided by the institute who also provide classes for clearing entrance tests. Learn as many formulas as possible and try to develop your own shortcuts.
2.Work on you vocabulary.
Reading a lot and observing how words are used in different contexts will be of great help.
3.Develop the habit of reading.
Newspapers, Magazines and TV can be a great help here as well. Magazines, not necessarily should be on politics, business or anything like that. You can also read a fashion-magazine or sports-magazine or general current affairs magazine for that matter. The basic idea is to develop a reading and comprehending habit.
4.Reasoning skills can be improved by solving puzzles
Practice a lot. Solving sets of questions within a time frame with concentration could be miraculous. Devoting equal time on each question and section will be of great help as well.
5.Know your Strength and Weakness
Once you know your strengths and weaknesses go for some full-length tests. Observe how you could improve your score with each passing test.
This is the mantra which most of the students miss out on.
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