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Specialized MBA are generally a job-oriented program that makes sure that a student gets a customized qualification which he/she can put into maximum practical use in the workplace. The courses offered in job-oriented specialized programs provide credible qualification to the students which enable them to grow in their specialist area so that they become better managers later on.

There are various options available in the management field but most of the students are not aware of it. There is a huge boom in all sectors of our economy such as in telecom, financial services, banking, insurance, organized retail, IT, ITES, consulting, aviation, hospitality, tourism, FMCG sectors. 
So, good managers are high in demand to run their companies but there is a huge gap in the demand supply chain. The demand for good manpower is unmet by MBAs, this is mainly because many MBA graduates suffer from knowledge and skills deficiency.
The job-oriented specialized programs have come into focus because of the demand for trained manpower at the entry level, which is too large for current B-schools to fulfill. Recently, many sector-focused institutes have been set up to fill this demand-supply gap. 
An MBA graduate will be faced with three options to choose from: 
i.First option is to go through the traditional route of pursuing an MBA program;
ii.Second option is to consider pursuing the job-oriented programs; and lastly
iii.Third option is to apply directly to the companies, but employability of an average graduate is very low.
So, the safest option is the second one, if you are not able to manage entry into an MBA program. One need not be an MBA to land a job in a reputed company. In order to start your career, a sector-oriented specialized program is good enough. As these job-oriented programs are of lesser duration, they save time and cost. And after gathering a few years of work experience, you can go for a general MBA that will make your future career path stronger.
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