NMAT 2013: Information for International Candidates

NMAT Exam: 10th Oct - 19th Dec 2022

NMAT : Information for International Candidates

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Who are International candidates ? For International candidates following is the very important information: 

Candidates holding passports issued by foreign countries and people of Indian origin who have acquired the nationality of foreign countries.
Candidate who has Indian Passport but is working out of India continuously for more than two years (as on 20th October, 2012). 
Sons & daughters or spouses of NRI who have been physically out of India or are out of India for a period of two consecutive years (as on 20th October, 2012). 
Non Resident Indian candidates who have studied and passed the qualifying examinations from Universities in foreign countries. This will include the candidates studying in Universities situated in foreign countries but will not include the candidates studying in India in a foreign University campus located in India.
Very important to note that GMAT score will be accepted from the above mentioned candidates in lieu of NMAT.
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