SNAP December 16 exam alert : General Knowledge questions

SNAP Result Date: 10 th January 2023

 SNAP exam alert : General Knowledge  questions

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SNAP  aspirants  will be tested on General Knowledge, Current Affairs  &  Business Scenario  with 1 mark allotted to each question.  Following is  a small sample of questions : 

•‘Dans le harem de Kadhafi’ is a book written by:
a.Lewis Hamilton b. Annick Cojean c. Barak Obama d. Vladimir Putin
Answer B 
•Five year plan will be for the period of:
a.2010-2015 b. 2015-2020 c. 2011-2016 d. 2012-2017
Answer   D 
•According to the latest report of Forest Survey of India, which of the following states has the largest forest cover area in India?
a. Arunachal Pradesh b. Madhya Pradesh c. Maharashtra d. Andhra Pradesh
Answer B
•Aamir Khan is the national goodwill ambassador of which of the following organisations?
Answer B 
You are likely to be tested for 40 General Awareness questions so go ahead and take SNAP Mock paper: 
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General Awareness Topics and for more updates on SNAP , stay tuned to MBA Rendezvous