Apeejay School of Management & Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication  jointly organized an annual lecture on 'Phenomenon of Social Media and its relationship with the Brand' at Apeejay Campus in Dwarka.  

The lecture was delivered by Mr.Santosh Desai, Marketing Guru, Author& Columnist, MD & CEO, Future Brands India Pvt Ltd.This was an effort to equip the students with the latest tactics of Social Media with an emphasis on Digital Media.
Prof. Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication & Dr.DeepankarChakrabarti, Dean, Apeejay School of Management, were also present at the occasion.
Giving his views on the ‘Phenomenon of Social Media and its relationship with the brand’, Mr.Santosh Desai said, “Social Media is a dominant medium and when the dominant medium changes, the world automatically changes. Social media can neither be avoided nor be tamed.”
Emphasising the power of social media in the contemporary times, Mr. Desai further opined, “Social Media allows our thoughts to become immortal. In the field of social media, everybody plays the role of content creator but in actual terms it is about what people are really interested in. Mass will only rely on those information which arrests their attention. This is why, ideas are considered important in social media. Hence, social media is a revolution; it lends democratization to the masses by giving them voice
Talking about the brands, Mr. Desai quipped, "Brand is what a brand does. Brands are no more nouns now but are considered as verbs. Brands, therefore, need to stick to their promise and thereby perform.”
Concluding the Lecture session, Prof Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, announced that the institute will arrange such lectures of relevance by prominent personalities on a monthly basis.
The next lecture will be held in September end by Mr.L.V.Krishnan, CEO TAM Media Research on 'TRP Rating Controversies'.
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