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Aam Admi should have a bigger say in how the country may run

Aam Admi should have a bigger say in how the country may run

Aam Admi should have a bigger say in how the country may run

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Aam Admi should have a bigger say in how the country may run
As a democratic nation, every individual has the right to voice out his/her opinion on how the country should be run. Sadly, in India, this is not the case. Although we are the largest democracy in the world, the practices of the country say otherwise. Most of the policies formulated by the government are for the benefit of the wealthy, elite and the powerful. 
The government comes up with regulations to get votes just before the elections and once the election period is over, the regulations are either scraped or amended to suit the politicians’ needs.
Even though India is a democratic nation on paper, in reality, it practises authoritarian rule, where politicians act as dictators and the entire population follows the rules dictated by the powerful.
For example, in the Union Budget as well as the Railway Budget, the government has listed policies to appease the public just before the elections. In the Railway Budget, it is stated that there will be no changes in the passenger fares and that 22 new railway lines will be added to the existing railway network.
The government has been promising the addition of new railway lines for the last two years, and until now, it has not managed to implement them successfully. In addition, the government claims it will provide free Wi-Fi to passengers on certain trains. 
Without even consulting the public, the government has come up with such policies. How many people really want to use the Internet on trains? And if the government plans to provide such facilities, it is sure to increase the taxes of the citizens. Are citizens willing to pay more taxes just to enjoy such benefits?
These are the questions the government needs to ask the citizens. Without understanding the need for certain facilities, the government should not establish structures and features that will be redundant for the general public. For this matter, the government should open avenues through which the public can communicate with government officials on the policies that suit their needs.
One country that India can learn from is Singapore, where town councils have been established for the citizens to communicate their needs and requirements to politicians, who will then escalate them to higher authorities for implemention.
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