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After going through the mandatory exercise of completing our education and acquiring those prestigious degrees we all gear up to look for a new job or embark on a journey to build our respective careers. But the fact remains that we are still a juvenile when it comes to making the right head start to our career.

As MBA aspirants prepare themselves to prosper in their respective fields marketing, finance and  HR, they should keep in mind that the world is round and one mistake can easily act as a ‘ripple-effect’ amongst large number of people. These include the prospective employers and placement agencies that can get you the job.

Every organization has its own defined work culture. If you want your career to flourish, ensure that you follow the work etiquette and refrain from putting brakes on your ambitions resulting in professional disasters.

Here are some of the habits and attitudes that are a strict no and needs to be put on check in any organization:

  1. Punctuality is appreciated: Reaching the office in time should be your foremost priority. If you show a lackadaisical attitude towards your job it will reflect on your work. Timing is very essential. ‘My car got stuck in the traffic jam’ is an outdated excuse and mind it no one is going to buy it. Punctuality should not only reflect in reaching the office in time but in your work also. Your assignment should be finished before the deadline so that you are left with enough time to polish it. Unlike your boards, a compartment even once does matter. If you disappoint your seniors, getting another chance is pretty tough. If your office does not adhere to 9-5 schedule ensure that you come on time and leave dot on time, ensuring your availability to others during the working hours.
  2. Nothing comes easy: As soon as you grab a job stop jumping guns. Instant gratification may be your buzzword but sorry it’s not going to work in office. You can’t accumulate five years of experience at one go nor you can draw those lucrative handsome salaries which is humanly impossible. You will get money depending on your worth. Another grave mistake which many commit is mixing career and money. Your priority initially should be ‘to learn and not earn’. Let money take a backseat. Once you are firmly established on your feet, money will follow you.
  3. Look outside your job profile: Don’t commit the mistake of restricting yourself to your job profile, which many people do. Doing this you will lose out the opportunities which will make your career. Take up the tasks beyond your routine work that can showcase your untapped talents. This shows your willingness to do something new. For those just starting out with their career you may get saddled with jobs that others don’t want or long working hours nobody else is willing to put in. If you grumble at the workload you may risk the chances of impressing your superiors.
  4. You can’t alone make it a success: Your office is not a one-man show so remove this fallacy of treating everyone as the employee of the company. In an office, you need to work as a team. If you do well, don’t hesitate to give credit to your juniors. Even if you don’t get along with someone, be polite.  There’s no place for anger or tantrums at the workplace. Keep a check on your temper as your electronic mails are being sent through your employer’s service. So, bad mouthing or back biting about someone through mail or chats could lead to an embarrassing debacle.  
  5. Hone your networking skills: This is the most essential tool of any job. The more you develop your networking skills more are the chances of your success. Your network of peers can come to your rescue when you need them badly to give you the much needed advice. This will keep you updated of the latest issues in your field. Stay in touch with college mates, mingle during conferences and functions and join a professional networking site.
  6. Knowing everything: The business landscape is changing constantly and nobody is perfect here. You need to stay at par with your colleagues and others vying for your job. Don’t bask in the glory of your past accomplishments. Learn constantly, especially from your mistakes. If you want to be a winner you need to take unceasing interest in learning new ideas and approaches in any stage of your life. If your seniors or subordinates correct you, don’t brood or complain. You will not only exasperate your boss, but end up repeating your mistake which will prove ghastly in the longer run.
  7. Believing that you are indispensable: Brainwash yourself that you are the only one left on this earth to take up the job as there is no dearth of talent. There are many people who can do the same job. Before you take up the plunge to get promoted ask yourself frankly whether you are really prepared for it. A promotion not only brings professional changes but personal changes as well. Don’t overestimate yourself. Make sure you are ready to shoulder these responsibilities. Don’t vouch to get something done without being sure whether it is achievable.
  8. Don’t imitate anyone: Copycat role won’t help you in the long run. Always maintain your individuality and be original in your approach. Voice your opinions and ideas during meetings and group gatherings with your team. This will ensure to set high standards for yourself and set you apart from others.
  9. Have a positive attitude: This is essential for anyone whether he is starting his career or looking for a job. Without positive thoughts you will sulk in your very own job and the future prospects for progress will seem bleak.
  10. Do self - appraisal:  It’s not necessary that your boss or your seniors and subordinates will always promote you. Self-appraisal should be your motto. Even you are not getting the much needed hype put yourself in a regular assessment to know your strong areas and work upon the weak ones.

The word ‘career’ is a divisive word that divides the normal life from business or professional life. Initially, you may be successful in getting a dream job but you cannot vouch for its real longevity. Following these basic behavioural patterns and habits will ensure long innings at any workplace.

“The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember, jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!”

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