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Facing a job interview is never being an easy job whether you are appearing it for first time or second time. At every interview you are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don't know.

“You are not selected or we will call you later or sorry you are not hired” these are some words no job seeker wants to hear them. Seeking a job can become a frustrating process if it faces rejection at interview. Sometime it demoralizes the candidate’s confident.

A call for an Interview is the first step towards getting hired for a job. This means that: Your Resume has created a favorable impression. Getting a interview call drag a  job seeker’s attention towards his physical presentation rather focusing on influential do’s and don’ts which are very important for a candidate  to know before appearing for an interview.

Combination of perfect dress and a boastful introduction about your qualification will not intensify your chances to get an offer letter. These things play as secondary factors for an interview.

What should I do to impress the interviewer to get a job letter at first attempt? So I would like to cheer job seekers up with some job interview goof-ups which a candidate should avoid or should keep them in his mind before appearing for an interview. To do the impossible, candidates should see and work on the invisible side.

  • As we already said bragging about your academic pursuits will not help you to nail the job interview. Keep your pitch simple and direct which means that your answers succinct, to the point, focused and it should not be ramble. Don’t make mistake of talking too little. If you simply nod your head, the interviewer is likely to conclude that you have nothing to say or are not interested in the job.
  • Giving your qualifications isn't a recap of ancient history--the interviewer wants to know how your education and experience apply to his company and the current opening. The interviewer's stock question "Tell me about yourself" isn't a request for childhood memories or a rundown of academic prizes won, but a call for a brief overview of what you bring to the table. Don't be bashful but don't be boastful and again state what you can do for the company.
  • Your qualifications and work experience have been found to be appropriate for the job. The employers are always interested in knowing how your skills, experience and expertise will add value to the job in question. Don’t oversell your skills that may cause you to struggle more on job floor, as you are unable to cope up with the standard you have mentioned at the time of your interview. Your answers should be built around their expectations.
  • Now is the time to present the best of your ‘Body Mind and Soul’ that is Appearance. Body language should be inculcated and practiced. Your facial expression, appearance, gestures, how you walk, talk, stand, sit, etc. all form part of your body language. Try to be a professional not personal and don’t let business decorum disappear even if the interview is in a casual setting.
  • Remember: until you have an offer letter in hand, everything you do should build a favorable impression as the best candidate for the job. Don’t talk about money or other benefits until you have offer letter in your hand. Sometime over confident candidates in their first meeting start enquire about the company’s policies, office timings, conveyance etc which leaves a very tardy image of a candidate with the interviewer. It may end up your journey before it starts. It’s better to know about company’s polices and work culture but timing of such queries should be at right.

There are few more significant basic tips which need to follow to make a blunder-proof interview that can increase your chance to easily unlock your professional career box:

  • Read the job description carefully.
  • Proper homework should be done means prepare yourself for an interview by gathering as much as information about the company where you are going to apply.
  • Do not forget to confirm the date and venue before you head for the interview.
  • Put together in advance a copy of your Resume/The Application Form and the original Interview Letter along with all your Testimonials.
  • Dress up - No Jeans, Floaters or Funky Shirts. The tie for gents and accessories for the lady should not be loud. Keep them understated.
  • Be On Time at interview venue.
  • Say calm when interviewer speaking but nod your head to show that your listening.
  • Do not get overexcited even while describing your achievements and strengths.
  • Listen to the queries attentively, constantly maintaining polite eye contact with the interviewers.
  • Follow up be sure to follow up with thank-you letters to everyone you met during the interview.

“An interview is a strange conservation because it’s not conservation; it’s something that’s between levels. It’s a staged conservation about prearranged topics between two people who have never met, which is a sketch in itself.”

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