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Job In MNC Vs. Indian Company

Job In MNC Vs. Indian Company

 Making a judgment about MNCs or Indian companies to work as major job absorbers or the wonderful workstations needs thorough understanding of pros and cons concerned. The prominent multinational companies (MNCs) are enlisted as Fortune 500 groups whose work culture would be unparalleled hence jobs in MNCs make you develop the sense of satisfaction that you will have enriched global experience. 

The fast economic growth of the Indian economy had had big impact on the Indian organizations as well. There are several such companies which have their operation in the foreign lands too. Such big Indian groups are not less than the MNCs when it comes to maintain work culture and follow their trends. In usual cases MNCs always remain ahead of their Indian counterparts in servicing the clients innovatively. Even a least important MNC would have good client servicing as far as attending to them, outcome and product delivery or globally appealing work atmosphere is concerned. 
Some Indian companies which attained the position of MNCs are not the trendsetters. They are rather the followers of others hence they definitely lag behind from their international counterparts. Although so many reforms have been introduced post 1990 economic revamp in India but the traditional style HR functioning is still in practice in most such Indian companies. Some loopholes include inconsistency in offering pay packages and various remunerations concerned. 
No doubt India’s big companies Tata, Birla, Reliance, Maruti and Hero to name a few have their say in the country as large scale job providers. Employment opportunities they offer and the perks concerned are definitely not substandard but there is still ample scope to enhance work culture in various such companies. On the other hands the MNCs of similar levels operating in India facilitate more creative opportunities hence paves the way for genuine assessment of abilities. It is possible because research based approach in the hierarchical setup and auguring work and fun culture are paramount there.  
It is unquestionable to raise finger on Indian companies and consider them least popular organizations lacking in infrastructure. They definitely provide extensive employment opportunity to large number of unemployed youths and graduates from the country. Timely settlement of professionals in various types of Indian companies indicates their roles are marvelous in nation building. The standards may not be at par with the MNCs but they have crucial role to play in helping the country grow faster. 
Today well established Indian companies have geared up to facilitate excellent opportunities to their employees. They offer chance to their employees to get them trained from abroad and apply innovative methods at home. That is why many Indian companies have surpassed several MNC's in the recent past. 
The present scenario explains well that good chunk of Indian companies have become MNCs as they have their operations in other countries too. Take for example Infosys, Wipro, Reliance and et al whose presence in the international market through providing best services to multiple countries makes them best workplaces. They being Indian companies offer amazing work culture which you may have dreamed in the MNCs operating in India. If you are offered best facilities in Indian companies then definitely the desire would be to work in them only that can offer dual feeling—you are well paid and helped to become part of the team which helps India sustain on the international front. 
Some major concerns often cause halt in the operation of the Indian companies. Corruption is the one that has been witnessed time and again. But there has occurred great change in India’s corporate world with many companies reshaping their work cultures according to the global standards. The recent salary revisions and the steps taken by the Indian companies to use excellent measures to retain employees now seek attention of young graduates to join a group that make them feel pride of being Indian.  
MNC's definitely offer lucrative salaries besides executive training opportunities to satisfy and sharpen professionals by making them feel honored to serve companies. Although not all Indian companies have initiated such trends but all those having operation in the whole country as well as abroad have started looking on such aspects of employee boosting which make them powerful entities for best outcome.  
Usually MNCs offer unbiased exposure to the talents which still lack in the local Indian companies. It is the one important sector at which Indian companies must concentrate by applying newer strategies. 
Global operations and foreign reserves turn MNCs risk free so the facilities are countless if joining them. Once you look at the global financial turmoil then the question arises whether multinational companies would sustain at the similar path of progress in the next few decades. Keep asking such questions while you take decision to select MNC’s and even some Indian companies of such caliber. 
High salary is not the only criteria for constant growth and financial health of an organization. Looking at the sustainability factor and future career growth always matters. The last few decades have seen fast growth in Indian IT industry. Way back in 1996-97, IT services exports was $1,100mn but it became $12,500mn by the year 2003-04. According to Nasscom-McKinsey its growth has been to $57bn by the end of 2008. Of course MNC’s have played crucial role in this enhancement but by that time Indian IT companies too have increased faster.
It is interesting phenomenon to see that MNCs become more localized groups in the country today while Indian companies gained popularity in the international markets. It indicates that none of them could be considered superior or inferior in the present context. Some Indian companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. Such companies with their phenomenal Price Earning (PE) ratios are top tier companies so they remain ahead from even few MNC’s. 
It is not easy to demarcate whether MNC’s are best to work or the Indian companies by looking at the present workstation trends when both have equal growth approach. 
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