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A Mile Extra

A Mile Extra
Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 
We at MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection   
This article on " A Mile Extra ” will boost your confidence to be successful in Extempore Speech:
One of the most basic truths about life is that it keeps changing constantly. A person might be on the top of the world one day and the next day, fortune may force him to come down to abysmal levels. Similarly, everything might be going right for a person one day and the next day, the same perfect things might start to fall apart. Thus, life is very uncertain and full of highs and lows. Any person who realizes this very fact and prepares himself to deal with all kinds of situations in life remains happy. Most people hold themselves well when the times are good. However, when the ship hits the rough edge, most people start to percolate into a state of depression or succumb to the pressure that these situations create. It is in times like these, when things are not fine, people should go an extra mile to make things better. 
What does going an extra mile means? Sometimes people wish to achieve something in life. However, since their desires for achievement are not so strong, people often end up giving half or full effort to achieve that particular something. Many a times, all your efforts that you put in seem to be less and this is where the concept of going an extra mile comes in. Going an extra mile for something means doing everything in your power and beyond your power to achieve something that you really want. The things that we really want in life are never easy to get. 
Thus, if you put in only half of your efforts, you will never be able to achieve what you really want. Also, sometimes, even when you put in all your efforts, the chances are that you may still find yourself far away from your final goal. When such a situation arises, there are only two things that can be done- you can either give up on what you wanted to achieve and let it slip away or you can go an extra mile to get what you want. The question is how to decide whether something is worth going an extra mile?
The answer is simple- the more you want it, the more willing you will be to make that extra effort and get it. If it is truly something, that is worthy of your time, attention and effort, there is not harm in going after it with everything that you have and putting in more than you afford to get it. However, if you are not sure about something and you start to believe that it is not worthy of your time and efforts, it is always better to chase it for a while and if you still don’t get it, it is better to leave it and let it go.
People who believe in going extra miles in life often end up becoming more successful than others who give up easily. The attitude which involves taking painstaking extra efforts is very helpful to many people. For instance, in school, children who work a little extra than all the others, often develop the firm foundation much needed for a future better life. Similarly, businessmen who constantly go out of their way to make things work, often get applauded for their confidence in themselves and for their way of working and often end up being more successful than the others in the field. On the personal front, people who go an extra mile to manage their relationships are often blessed with a good family and a lot of friends. Thus, all in all, the extra effort that you put in something is always appreciated and it is that extra mile that you walk that makes the big difference. 
Going an extra mile to achieve things is a great quality. People who do so often end up achieving what they really wanted to achieve- money, fame, success, love etc. However, sometimes, it is really important to let go. The question is- when to let go of a person or a dream and stop going that extra mile to get it? If you really want something, go after it. Make sure that you have done everything in your power and even a little more than you could afford to do and if still you are not able to achieve it, make sure that you let it go because if you still continue to keep pouring efforts, the chances are that you will be putting a lot on risk. And risk is a game of its own that one should avoid playing in all circumstances. 
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