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Eneregy Conservation

Eneregy Conservation

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Eneregy Conservation

Energy is a basic requirement for development in almost all the major sectors of the Indian economy - agriculture, industry, transport, commercial, and residential (domestic). Consequently, with the tremendous progress in technology, our surrounding has been expanding exponentially. Consumption of energy in different forms of energy has been steadily rising all over the country and this has increased our dependence on fossil fuels and electricity.

To fulfill our luxurious desires the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) industry has come along in leaps and bounds. Coolers, fans, tubelights, heaters have become a thing of passé as today in-built air-conditioners, heating or lighting system in houses and flats rule the roost.

With climate change coupled with increasing carbon footprints posing a threat to world, now luxury is also coming at a heavy price. With energy costs going up so much today, everyone needs to conserve energy. The less energy you use the less your bills will be.
It is no more restricted to switching of fans and lights to conserve energy and therefore having an effective HVAC system is the need of the hour. It has become a matter of necessity rather than choice.

Due to heavy energy consumption the HVAC has transformed into a gigantic industry and according to industry experts it is one of the major energy users of the past two decades and gobbles upto 20% of the world’s energy consumption. HVAC systems are power hungry, with energy accounting for almost 80 percent of their total operating cost. 

Due to heavy usage of energy the HVAC industry, though has woken up late, has sensed the urgency to be more responsible and has realized its attitude towards energy usage. To its credit it has taken a prompt action to assume leadership role in developing energy efficient, environmentally friendly systems that are more suitable to the growing demand for ‘green efficiency.’

With ‘Green Efficiency’ and ‘Green Marketing’ emerging as the new techniques to safeguard the environment, green has become the new buzzword. Therefore, technical landscaping is a must to keep the indoor atmosphere clean. No doubt, there is a huge range of cooling systems nowadays like fridge and AC with star rating system that consumes less energy and is more pocket-friendly.

A new generation of low-energy filters can reduce the total HVAC operating costs and also improve your indoor air quality and green your building. To cut your energy consumption sharply, use air filters with the right efficiency and the lowest pressure drop. The key is low-energy filters with the least flow resistance.

Though a bit costly due to the use of the latest filtration technology and the best filter media, they in the long run actually lower the bill and maintenance costs by maintaining their efficiency longer with the least pressure drop.

With energy sector witnessing a spiraling increase in price it’s not only restricted to individuals but the commercial building owners and corporate firms to devise ways to be more competitive, satisfy corporate social-responsibility objectives and meet new government mandates.

Thus, energy efficiency is becoming a greater and greater priority. In this regard the HVAC systems need to do more rather than provide a comfortable environment.

Firstly, it needs to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency to minimize operating expenses. Secondly, it needs to sustain reduced energy levels to ensure savings over time.

In Europe, where heating system forms an important lifeline of the people, ventilation in mining areas and air conditioning in homes and offices is the biggest requirement in India. But with lack of manpower in this sector the industry has actually missed the bus and now needs to cover the absence of trained and organized labour and supervisory system to effectively utilise them.

Though this is the biggest challenge some of the companies have a come a long way in providing smart cooling. For instance, Zeco Aircon Limited has become a world-class manufacturer of Air Management systems. It offers whole gamut of air handling solutions for modern buildings and medium and large size industrial units to provide perfect atmosphere indoor.

The range of products that the company offers are Air handling units, Cooling coils, ventilation units , condensing units Pre-insulated pipes and Pre-fabricated ducts. All these products are technologically refined, easy to maintain and provide appropriate refreshing environment at minimal energy cost.

Due to economy becoming globalised the demand for energy is growing manifold and the energy sources are becoming scarce and costlier. Among the various strategies to be evolved for meeting energy demand, efficient use of energy and its conservation emerges out be the least cost option in any given strategies, apart from being environmentally benign.

Energy conservation and efficient newer technologies are what India direly need today. With technology and human resources in place, it’s high time to meet the demands of changing market needs and help shape the future responsibly.

For this undeterred commitment and years of expertise is needed by the companies in keeping the natural atmosphere intact in vicinity through world-class and cost effective air handling solutions. Energy being an important element of the infrastructure sector has to be ensured its availability on sustainable basis.

On the other hand, as an individual we must work in our society to encourage the creation of green, efficient and healthy building environments.

To sum up, the HVAC industry should focus on green and sustainable building technology, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and newer innovations to bring in international standards to address the shortage of energy concerns in India. And the steps to create sustainable energy system begin with the wise use of resources.  

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