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Obsession is akin to Insanity

Obsession is akin to Insanity
Extempore Speech has also become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 

We at MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission process. 

This article on "Obsession is akin to Insanity” will boost your confidence to be successful in Extempore Speech: 

It is not difficult to find people who believe that seeking and living in moderates is the answer to a peaceful life. Such people believe that it is good to run after your ambitions or chase your dreams but if those ambitions are larger than life, it is also important to give them up at the right time and rather dream or chase something that is easily achievable. Is this the way to live? Is this how one should dream? The answer is a very clear no. Obsession is not akin to insanity. Obsession is akin to greatness.  

Do you really think obsession can lead to insanity? Let us take a moment to wonder what is obsession. Obsession is that one phase in your life when you want something so badly that you are ready to give up everything for it. Obsession is an extended form of passion where the desire to win and achieve is multifold times more.  When people are obsessed they keep running after something that they truly want. They do not give up irrespective of whatever happens. Thus, it is not wrong to be obsessed with something that you want badly. Some of the great people of the world achieved greatness only because they were so obsessed with winning and achieving. 
When do people get obsessed? There may be a precise moment when the obsession for something may dawn over you or it may be a gradual development. However, obsession begins to appear only when your desire to achieve a particular something becomes far greater than anything else. While the drive to win something or passion may help you achieve something, obsession with a particular goal or a particular something will help you to achieve excellence in that particular field. Thus, I reiterate- Obsession is not akin to insanity; Obsession is akin to excellence. 
How can you really see if a person is obsessed with a particular goal? It is easy to find. Simply notice the way a person acts. Someone once said, “If you like to dream, you will enjoy sleep. If you like to achieve dreams, you will enjoy sleeplessness. “If a person is willing to give up his sleep, his food, his life to achieve what he believes in, he is obsessed about it. If a person is willing to give away hours of leisure and comfort and instead adopt a life full of pain and problems, he is obsessed with his goal. 
Is it really good to be obsessed? There are a lot of people who claim that people who are obsessed with something, on being unable to achieve it, acts weirdly. Does that really happen? I do not think so because any person who is obsessed with a particular thing will not stop until and unless he has achieved it already. Helen Keller was obsessed with education. She wanted it badly and she went after her obsession with everything that she had. In the beginning, people deemed it impossible for a blind and deaf to get a graduate degree. Had Helen Keller given up her obsession with education and achieving it and lived a life of moderation, we would have not been able to have the most inspirational story of all times; that of Helen Keller. 
Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous athletes of our times. Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer. However, he never gave up the will and continued his obsession with cycling which led him to six consecutive victories in Tour de France. Had Lance Armstrong given up his obsession and love for cycling, he would have never been the name that he is today. More recently, the life story of Steve Jobs has become an inspiration for people. Steve Jobs was obsessed with creating next generation gadgets and his obsession led the world to see the emergence of Apple and it’s incredibly genius products. Had Newton, Einstein, Karl Marx, Shakespeare not been obsessed with their work, we would have not witnessed some of the greatest inventions and works of our times.
As an M.B.A aspirant, people may advice you to dream moderately. They may ask you to chase your dreams but not really go mad about them. I, on the other hand, would advise you to chase your dreams madly. Be obsessed with what you want and stop only when you have achieved it. Giving up after not being able to get it would get you a life of moderation. Being obsessed with something and dying to get it will give you a life of excellence. As an M.B.A aspirant, put exactly in your mind what you wish to achieve. Dream of it every moment you live. Both your conscious as well as the sub-conscious mind should be aware of what you wish to achieve. Do not give up till the time you have achieved it already.
Excellence and success comes to those who go after it with all that they have. If you give up easily, you will never be able to achieve great heights. If you wish to achieve great heights, never give up. Passion is a positive obsession.  Do not run away from being obsessed. Do not get scared of being obsessed. Instead, be rightly obsessed with your dreams and fight to achieve them every moment of your life. If you are obsessed with it, you will also be inspired from it. Transform your obsession into your inspiration and you will know. 
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