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GD Topic for MBA Aspirants : Is it essential to think & dream big?

Group Discussion

Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD topic, you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.  Today, you will read GD topic: 

Is it essential to think & dream big? 
As Orison Swett Mardenvery rightly said, “All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.” If you are a go-getter, you have to be a dreamer. You need to visualize your goals as if you have already achieved them before you chance upon them.
The foundation of every achievement lies in a big dream. When McDonald’s started out, it was a normal burger selling van across the street. The owner dreamt of huge business and look at what he has achieved today. Had he not dreamt of that huge chain of business probably we would never have enjoyed the McDonald burger on the go. 
The seed of dreams is very necessary when you wish to grow big. A lot many people keep saying that day dreaming is not good. But, the dreams that you see with your eyes open keep you awake for good. They help you achieve that one single goal that you just dreamt of.
Aim for the sky, you might just touch the stars. Yes, when you are dreaming, it is very necessary that you think of the best and dream about achieving it. Had Ambani thought of yet another business, he would not have been the owner of Reliance industries. 
For that matter had Michael Dell thought of opening a repair shop, we would not have enjoyed the beauty of Dell computers. 
These great men thought big while they started out their own venture. They visualized an entire global village and, targeted achieving that. They never stopped dreaming and, so they are still very successful. The clause attached with dreams is that you should never stop dreaming. The day a person stops dreaming, they stop achieving.
A person may have the knowledge and skills needed to reach a certain position. He/she may even have the needed aptitude and attitude. But, what they would most certainly lack is the dream to reach there. 
It is when you think and dream big that you create a difference in this world. When you look at achievers, don’t see what they achieved but see what they dreamt.