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Personality Development.

Personality Development

Personality Development "

Personality is an important factor that determines the visible aspect of one’s character, be it impressive or dull. This depends on how a person carries himself/ herself with the attributes of good qualities inherent in their persona. 

Personality refers to the individual’s character, thinking and behavioral pattern. It plays a very vital role in his/her life because this phenomenon moulds the future of a person. Our whole relation with this world depends on our personality, which can be assessed by the performance and contribution that we make. Right from schooling, college, internship to the job sector, personality matters a great deal. It leaves a punch line that helps us to get perfect or suitable job once we are done with the education process. Talent plays an important role, but at the same time personality too helps us to carve a niche for ourselves in this highly competitive world.
“Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a person unique.” In day to day life, we come across several people and not unlike clinical psychologist, but even as a person, we judge them according to the way they interact with us. The importance of personality is to such an extent that, various B schools  have come up with personality development modules and classes.
MBA aspirants who are preparing to bell the CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT etc, apart from the preparatory classes also go for personality development lectures. Even after they have appeared for the MBA entrance  exams, students go for the personality grooming classes till they appear for the group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI). Intelligence is required, but then what matters the most is the way we behave, body language, mode of our communication, feelings and thought process that portrays the inner arena of our true self. 
Yet it’s not all about the MBA admissions in the top B schools or universities, even when we move out in the corporate sector, the role of personality is something which doubles. There have been several instances during the campus placements, which has surely left people awestruck. Be it Media, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, B. Tech and other such courses, students with pleasing and impressive persona were recruited by the top notch companies! While some of the students despite having a good academic record and consistent performance throughout the curriculum were not preferred over the average students! Now the average students grabbed the opportunity because of their positive self-esteem and the pleasing, smart, confident personality that made them different from the crowd. 
It goes without saying how important ‘personality’ is because the prefix is derived from the word ‘person’. A ‘person’ is incomplete without ‘personality’. Environment, situation and heredity are the primary parameter that affects the personality of an individual. One can very well imagine how personality garners the life of humans; it’s not just all about the ambit of behavior but personal relationship, social interactions, friendship, job profile, thoughts and feelings, personality of an individual is displayed  in all these aspects. 
Positive personality development is in fact a pre-requisite these days, especially in job sectors it’s a must. This will not only help a person in working within a team but also a cross team, when required according to the situation. It’s not fixed, personality changes according to the situations in life, we tend to become more mature and professional after 21, being consistently working in an organization also groom the persona. For instance a person with umpteen years of experience will have an attractive, pleasing personality that will distinguish him from the crowd. While fresher still needs to explore and undergo different facets of personality development. 
Every person has different inherent personality, and that matters in the way in which they are born and brought up. Although with growing years of experiences a person tends to be matured and develops a pleasing persona, but childhood shapes up the base of personality. Some are positive and gregarious in nature that are outgoing, fun loving and open up to people easily. While some are parochial and paranoid in nature, their general nature is reserved type and they take time in interacting with people. 
A person, who is systematic, organized, punctual, responsible, dependable and work oriented will be considered by the recruiters. His performance will help in the overall growth and profit of the organization rather than a person who is irresponsible, lazy and un-skilled. 
Agreeable, motivating, pleasing and positive nature forms the primary traits that a person should have to be successful in life. The kind of personality that he has is directly proportionate to the success in his life. Several theories of personality are researched by the psychologists, any personality disorder, if repairable can be treated in medical sciences. Personality development classes are organized almost in every schools and colleges, proper education and good personality goes hand in hand. 
Even before recruiting any one for the job, companies takes different personality tests of the appearing candidates. They keep on updating the personality test, of the employees as well. According to the personality a person tends to opt for the career in which he is interested. The kind of job and education that he has acquired depends on his personality traits.
Personality is the sum total of an individual’s behavior, belief system, outlook towards life, habits, motive, ambition, thought process and character of a person.  
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