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Political class has started behaving like kings.

Political class has started behaving like kings

Post MBA exam results, Group Discussion will be crucial for MBA admission so it is advised to read and practice with variety of topics. In following GD topic you will be getting some points with divergent views which you can pick up and develop.  Today, you will read GD topic:

"Political class has started behaving like kings"
Although on paper, India is the world’s largest democracy, in reality, it appears like it is the world’s largest autocracy. Politicians in India don’t seem to abide by the quote of democracy, “government of the people, by the people, for the people”.
 It is evident by the way politicians behave in India that the government, though elected by the people, does not serve the people and does not look into the welfare of the people. They behave like kings, coming up with policies that help uplift their status and help the rich to become richer. Instead of listening to the woes of the public, the political class imposes rules and regulations that may not be beneficial to the public in any way.
Before every election, the government promises a huge list of improvements in the system for the welfare of the public, but once it wins the elections, it is only concerned about the welfare of the political class.
We have noticed that for the past two years, Indian Railways has been promising to start operations of 32 trains to ease the traffic between Thane, Kalyan, Kasara and Khopoli, but until now, nothing has been done with regard to this.
Last year, Gujarat’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, accused UPA of making false promises on the creation of jobs for youths. In 2009, the UPA had promised one crore jobs for the youths, but until now, this is not evident. The politicians have been playing the game of false promises for many years and the innocent always get lured and trapped in the vicious government’s den.
The condition in India is beyond repair. According to Lee Kuan Yew, a Singaporean politician, there is immense corruption and poverty in India because the people of India have tolerated it for so many years. In fact, the reason why the political class behaves like kings is because we have created a fertile environment for them to thrive.
 If India’s elite in politics, academicians and the media work together to overthrow the ‘kings’ in India, we will have a government that really cares about its citizens.
So, we cannot completely blame the government for behaving like kings since we are partly responsible too. We are slowly witnessing Indian social activists like Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi fighting against corruption in India. 
Hopefully, anti-corruption movements take momentum in India and our ‘kings’ get dethroned soon. This requires the cooperation of the masses and the media. Only when the political party feels the pressure of the masses will they step down.